How do you practice?

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  1. It's November and there aren't a lot of weddings going on in NJ right now. I've been slowing my business the last few years any way.

    What do others do to practice when then don't have work? I am mostly talking about portrait work where I feel like I get stifled every now and then. Just doing the same things and not coming up with new ideas. As I wedding photographer I don't do much studio work. I make do with what is available in the client's home or outdoors.

    I know the question is a little open. This is on purpose just to start a conversation.
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    I do annual portraits for a local theatre group for display prior to their play. Since their proceeds go to charity, photography & prints are my donation. Free portraits at a senior center. Adoption photos for the local animal shelter. Take and submit photos of activities that interest you to the local weekly. I have a new Green Screen & software on hand - that with a few Ancient & minimal pieces of lighting equipment, and Dad's transparencies - learn to be anywhere in the world Sandy. Experiment with lighting indoor macros of various small objects. Digitize more slides via several methods & with different instruments. If we have as bad a Winter as the last, I'll be using the indoor ideas to preserve sanity! :eek:
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  3. I'm moving this weekend and the new house has a huge floor to ceiling window. It faces closer to north then south and I intend to make use of it but it's not something that I will have with me in the spring when I start shooting weddings again.
  4. I don't do photography professionally. I have a friend who teaches theater at a nearby college and I photograph the dress rehearsals for performances as a favor to him and because I enjoy doing it. The kids he works with are usually a blast and love having photos of the shows. I guess all the photos I take are, in part, practice, since I don't make money with photography. I often ask friends' kids, most of whom are in their 20s, if they'd spend an hour or so with me to do some photos, sometimes solo, sometimes in groups. That's fun as well. Here's one I took just before thanksgiving before the dress rehearsal during their sound check.

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  5. You can go for bust for practice...
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    Family, kids, friends, neighbors people on teh street, all make great subject to practice on. Some guys I know have dummies or wig heads to play with lighting in the off season.

    When Im at the museum, I play with the marble statues as if they were models. around n around I go shooting n looking for light n details. Sometimes I get an audience of tourists wondering what's so special about that piece.

    Just having fun n staying busy is the key.
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  7. Since I'm not a professional, its all "practice" to me. I've been photographing portraits of people for some 50 years now. I bring my camera to parties, backyard barbecues, events, etc. I stay open for the shot. Typically, I'll notice a person in a certain light and place I'll quietly approach them and after getting their attention so they look at the camera, I get a couple of shots. I have lots of examples in my folders here. 11x14 girl in santa barbara retouch 3.jpg
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    It's nearly always the light for me as well!
  9. Practice on anyone at anytime. Each time you push the button and capture an image is practicing. You do not have to practice only on a wedding. Photography is Photography and subject matter does not count. The knowledge of how the run down of a wedding is done is different than just practicing photography. If you don't know where to be or know when to anticipate what will happen next in a wedding then any practicing of technique will be of little use. So what are you really asking to practice at? And why are you asking this question in the fashion and portrait forum?
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