How do you operate Minox with one hand ?

Discussion in 'Minox' started by peter__|7, Mar 6, 1999.

  1. I can operate my EC with one hand, but cannot do it with my other Minoxs.
    Do you have any tips ?
  2. Very few camera can be completely operated by one hand, by 'completely' I mean that it can be open and shut by one hand. I used to carry a Contax T2 during driving, for ocasional photo ops. <p>After it accidentally open up in the pocket I stop doing this. I tried Canon Elph 370z, but it's opening switch, which is also the flash cannot be conviently open by one hand.
    EC seems the only one I can open with one hand, but some time, in a hurry I covered the lens with finger and got half a picture.
    Now I carry a Minox C with a neckstrap. When driving around the city, my left hand on steering, use my right hand to pull the C downward to open the camera
    hold to eye level, with the thumb on the release button, the other fingers straight, to avoid blocking the lens, take a quick picture. To close camera and advance to next frame, I push the camera against my chest.
  3. Contact Don Thayer of - He can one hand a IIIs and a
    C with amazing ease. Part of the reason might be his "large hands".
    When I asked him how, he just smiled and said "practice". It's really
    quite amazing to see him handle the camera - he is quicker than I am
    using both hands! He is also very helpful and a very nice person. Ya
    better make an appointment as he is working on nifty new offerings
    for us and often out of the office.

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