How do I use a Graphic Film Pack Adapter?

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by discpad, Feb 25, 2006.

  1. Hi gang!

    Two years ago I restored a 1956 Speed Graphic 4x5; and in a "box o'parts"
    I bought off eBay was a Graphic Film Pack Adapter 1234. Is this for use
    with Ready-loads; and if not, is there a way to assemble sheet holders for

    Thanks! Dan
  2. Sorry to say but they are not available any more. The film packs that is. Too bad. I would like to try one out.

    Graphmatic or readyloads are about it.
  3. As Troy pointed out, film packs have been out of production for decades so an FPA seems pretty useless. I haven't seen his listings for a while, but there was a character selling FPAs with long out-of-date film on eBay. One of the reasons I haven't seen 'em is that I haven't been looking. Go look.

    I've found one, possibly, two uses for FPAs. The FPA fits nicely in a Graflok back, not a surprise. I've taken advantage of that to have one made into a coupler that fits into the back of a 2x3 Graphic and accepts a tube with a 2x3 Graphic lens board at its rear. This enables me to connect two short little 2x3 Graphics into one long camera. The longest lens it will focus is around 480 mm. According to SKGrimes, who made the coupler, starting from an FPA instead of a plain sheet of metal saved me a useful amount of money.

    I haven't done this yet, there are a few details of implementation that I haven't fully solved, but I think an FPA will also be useful as a starting point for a 35 mm SLR-to-Graflok back adapter. This to use long lenses, e.g., that 480, on, e.g., a Nikon, without having to carry much additional in the way of adapters, bellows, more bellows or tubes, etc.


  4. Thank you both!

    If only I could find a way to assemble the film packs: 16 shots in rapid succession would be handy! :(
  5. Check out the Grafmatic. Still available and you can get 6 fast shots.
  6. Take the dark slide from the film pack adapter and throw the rest of it away. Pick up a few single sheet holders and you will have a spare darkslide.

    I've a grafmatic for my 2x3, works great. With 4x5, while it's possible to fire off 6 fast shots, this isn't generally how one uses sheet film. It's usually a much slower process.
  7. I know this is a dated link, but I do have a Graphic Film Pack Adaptor and was wondering if any of the Fuji "pack" films would be usable in the adapter?
    Many thanks,
  8. The Fuji packs are instant films and require rollers, etc., for processing. The old "film packs" used in these adapters were thin-based conventional films that were shot, shifted to the back by pulling a tab, then removed and processed conventionally in the darkroom. I must have shot thousands of these things thru the years and I didn't mind handeling the film, but I think the demise of these pack films was due to the thin base they used that didn't work well in some conventional processing hangers and sometimes "popped" under the heat of an enlarging light bulb.
  9. Vick thank you for replying. I am a new owner of a Graflex Graphic View 4x5 and am researching the possibility that I might be able to somehow shoot instant film. I did get a Graphic Film Pack Adapter with the kit and have read all that I can reclaim from that adapter was the dark slide. I was just hoping this almost pristine adapter might be usable for instant film. Its new to me, can't you tell? :)
    I have shot digital for over 10 years, but I love sheet film...its the feel I think.
  10. Save the adapter, never can tell, somebody may make a run of packs someday...not likely though! :) I have a pack adapter that I made into a 4x5 adapter for an old 2x3 slide in light never can tell when something might come in handy!!!

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