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Discussion in ' Site Help' started by lynnemass, Jun 27, 2017.

  1. No I would actually like to have stopped it yesterday when it autorenewed.
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    if you paid through illicit means (cash, sex,drugs,ivory, etc) you may have problems. otherwise contact the card company and ask them to invent a time machine :)
  3. Lynn...I hope Admin (Glenn?) provides an answer soon. I too want to cancel my membership and would be furious to have it "auto renew". This is no way to run a railroad. I am watching this thread hoping to see an answer.
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  4. Fred, I am certainly not naive nor did I manifest any intention to annoy, that statement is unjustified. My sole premise is that it is us that build the nation and not the other way around. It may be harder to communicate than it was before, but the greatest pleasure I derived from PN has always been the people that composed it. It is true alas that some are leaving, but I feel we still owe it to each other to keep this as profitable and pleasurable an experience as we can for those remaining, without us there is no PN.

    I am as irritated as anyone by the turn of events, though we still need to be patient. Moreover, as one of a number of regular contributors to the nude section, I feel somewhat marginalized today. Whether or not this is done on purpose I do not know, however I consider it both unfair and significantly short sighted, as we certainly have always done our share to increase traffic flow and hence presumably the profits also.

    There will always be those few that complain in demeaning terms about nude pictures featured here or there, knowing full well that all they have to do is to switch off the view of nudes so as to live and let live. One in particular has written long ago that he/she was leaving, but is still there “threatening” to leave.

    So you have your frustrations Fred, I have mine. It’s good nevertheless being here and able to argue with you, with or without the “error messages”. It is true however that I miss the views/comments that I used to get.
  5. Auto-renew is just another manifestation of the greed which now seems to be the modus operandi for It's all about monetizing the site. Things like auto-renew, which infuriate the aware, are cash cows to sites because so many people are UNaware.

    More to the point, of your question, you can dispute charges with the credit card company. It's absurd that you can't opt out once you subscribe. That's not just wrong, it's illegal and considered theft.
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    Guys, and Lynne -- auto renew is virtually inescapable -- whatever else we can pile on PN, that isn't one of the things. I have had huge and lengthy battles with cell phone and satellite providers in past years, even though I had provided proof of notification of cancellation. Best bet as someone already suggested, would be going thru your credit card company or PayPal if you used that. You also might EMail PN a statement that at the end of current "contract" you opt for cancellation rather than renewal.
  7. .
    Actually, I for one only drink wine, preferably certain vintages from Bordeaux, but alike a number of us I have a large number of subscriptions ongoing, on and off the net, and I don't want to have my account debited without prior notice .. : -)
  8. What would happen if you were to remove all information about your account, leave all the boxes blank. Would that accomplish the same thing as unsubscribing?
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    Sanford, Are you certain that is even possible? ;-)
  10. In the past (as many know) - before 2.version - paid membership was manually - the way it should be, imo. If Pnet wants the auto-renew then it should be an OPTION! (Why should one have to mess with their credit card company over this).
  11. Greed. Simple as that.
  12. I think the point that this web site content is provided free by contributors from the community is well appreciated. As the mechanics/ architecture become irritating and unpredictable, clearly it becomes harder and harder to justify the time and attention.
    A palpable sense that no one has a firm hand on the project. Or maybe has no support from top. Patience is great. We care.
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  13. I recently subscribed to Barkbox, a dog-toy monthly service. All the bad reviews the company received were about the auto-renew, which was always selected as "on". But the website has a simple and easy way to cancel the subscription, which is what I did. I've signed up for one year and won't be charged after that. Folks don't understand that cancelling the "subscription" means you'll only pay for what you signed up for. You can't cancel your service once you've paid for the set amount of time, but you can at least ensure that you decide whether or not to renew. I bet if you tried hard enough you could even opt out from your designated service and get back the fees for unused months, but that's only a guess. is criminal if they don't allow this.
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    Ah, Patrick, always charming ((suspect i know what the S stands for.0>
  15. I sent PN a message on both the facebook site and this site (CONTACT) that says:
    Please cancel my auto renew and send me an email that this has been done. If I do not hear from you, I will contact my credit card company and cancel this year's renewal that began yesterday when I was unable to cancel the autorenew on my ACCOUNT section of the PN website.
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  16. Lynne,
    Did you get any kind of confirmation e-mail from to the effect that your subscription had been renewed automatically? Seems like you should have received one. I looked into the renew section in my account. There is no CC info in the fields. It says to fill out the info and then renew, with a new auto renewal date one year from the date. The whole thing looks a bit deceptive, and we should have the choice to opt in for auto renewal, or keep in manual like it always has been. Opting in for auto renewal is a fact of life, I've never seen auto renewal being automatic with no other choice. I don't want to store my CC info.

    What I find interesting is that there is the subscription renewal page, but I cant find my original sign up date anywhere. Number of years, yes, but not the date, so it's difficult to know when they expect a renewal to happen. I'm joining others who will not renew.

    I do hope that admin responds to your message. I also hope they chime in here and explain the situation. There is legitimate concern here.
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  17. No, I did not get and have never gotten any confirmation of renewal. And yes, there certainly IS legitimate concern!!!!!
  18. Good luck with this, John. "Administration" is nothing but a philosophical construct that exists only in our minds.
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    Bolds & red -- simple. If it comes to that, just refuse the charge. Like your photos, as do many. Question is, where to go -- no one so far has suggested a safe landing. Best of luck moving on!
  20. Bolds and reds in increasing size are indicative of a frustration level over a situation that has not been addressed. One thing about sites like aren't essential or necessary. They may be desirable, and may serve a purpose, but once they stop being so, they are dispensable. If Lynne, or anyone, needs an online presence for photography I'm sure that can be found or made.

    The issue at hand is if money has been taken from the pocket without consent or notification. Admin needs to address that issue.
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