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Discussion in ' Site Help' started by lynnemass, Jun 27, 2017.

  1. I have searched your forums and MY ACCOUNT and see no place where I can unsubscribe. Please advise.
  2. Did you try it from the "Upload" page? There is account access there at the bottom left. Hope you would reconsider though, you have an excellent gallery of work.
  3. Yes, I tried from the upload page and went to ACCOUNT (several times) but see no place to unsubscribe. I have enjoyed this site until the redesign - it has too many glitches to be worthwhile at this point. Not being able to reorder my images so they make sense (I get the error message described by others) and not being able to DELETE (also, an error messsage) is too unprofessional for me. So please inform me how I can unrenew.
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  4. I have attached a screen shot of My ACCOUNT page. I really do not see anywhere on there to unsubscribe. It says I am have a PREMIUM ACCOUNT but I am at a loss to find anywhere to reverse the subscription.

    Screen Shot 2017-06-27 at 7.53.44 PM.png
  5. There is none, my friend from I assume Lynne MA. ( former Bostonian here). I drop by now and then to see if anything turns up. For old times sake I guess. But I have no allegiance lately. And almost never refer anyone to my gallery here. I am thinking I had better just move the photos to another hosting site since PN days may be numbered. I do not wish that. There are some useful informative places on line for users of micro four thirds cameras ( my current platform) including Dr Wrotniak a science oriented guy who has a gift to explain a lot, and David Thorpe, from UK who does very personal evaluations of gear since HI has no place to see or try the models I am interested in nor the lenses. DPR forums are just plain stupid. i do not say stupid people but stupid the one on how does one get the Leica Look in an OLympus camera, must take the cake for dumpth, really. I am lately going back to read older books and photo collections for inspiration and rejuve.(But it is too hot for much other than gin and tonic.) Once in a blue moon I have an answer to a Q that someone is looking for... So back to the other big site which has a following----.another irritation on DPR that some may notice is the desire for photographers to look for super cheap and then post their problems with the cheap stuff. Or complain that there lens is "soft" when it is their frontal cortex that is smooshy at times. They do keep us up to date on the news in cameraland of course got to say..... As to social media FB with camera lover pages, an shots on display. Decent yes, not too informative. Everybody posts all their stuff bar none all the time and no apparent desire to sort and bin losers and to improve by self selection...I fail to get it on a photo know?. Which is what I still seek now and learn, even incrementally, and tis a life long thing even at 80. OK,

    I rant a bit. Where else but here in the HELP section where noone hangs around...Hey... Feels good yelling from bottom of a cool refreshing deep well which echoes back. :)
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  6. Gerry, you assumed wrong about the Lynn, MA part. That is actually MY NAME...Lynne Mass. Yes, my name is a place and I have a map of it on the wall. I even named my kids after towns in MA so they would have maps too. I actually have another hosting site ( and really used to like for the good suggestions I got. But it is so difficult to navigate the site now, and has so many error messages, that not as many peeps are sending suggestions and I WANT OUT, but can't figure out how to do that on the ACCOUNT page. HHHHHHEEEEEELLLLLPPPPP I am trapped in!!!!!!
  7. Lynne,

    Sorry to see you go, though I completely understand. Wish I could encourage you to stay because I've liked your work and your comments. What exactly are you looking for in terms of UNSUBSCRIBING? Can't you just leave and not come back? Not that I want you to do that, but that seems like what you want. If you want to delete all your photos, you'd have to do that manually and, last I heard, we don't have the capability to remove our photos yet. You can't delete posts in forums and never were able to. So, again, I wish you would stay and am curious to know what it is you want in terms of an UNSUBSCRIBE. Thanks and good luck.

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  8. I think Fred has the answer. You are sort of archived now like on the map forever. Hey, I can see a lady named Cambridge, but Bridgewater MAAS or Fall River MASS goes kind of thunk to the ear. Just kidding. Lawrence MASS fits... I love it Lynne. PN was a gangbuster place at one time. And I go way back..not quite the corporate memory and all that, but I got my service stripes by now. Some good folk. Now the gears have sand in them so things are clunky. Like the river boat The African Queen in the movie. Needed to kick it every so often or the boiler would just blow up..sort of.
  9. I would like to stop the auto-annual payment that my account says will be due 1 year form today.
  10. Yup, Lawrence is a map of him. And yes, PN was great...and then the redo became a mess.
  11. If I were you, I'd be more inclined to work with my credit card company. I think if you call your credit card and tell them you want to discontinue future payments to this vendor, they should be able to accommodate you. Again, best of luck.
  12. Friends, a site is as good as its components, and we are a part of them .. I have no intention of leaving PN, but I would like to renew my subscription WITHOUT an obliged automatic renewal year after year. Administration, please look at this.
  13. Norman 202

    Norman 202 i am the light

    John, did you previously auto renew through paypal? If so, there is an option to turn this off in your paypal account settings.

    If you renewed through your credit card, I'm pretty sure they have to notify you beforehand (at least in the UK) and you should be able to decline.
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  14. Many thanks Norman, I will look into it in light of what you say ...
  15. This is true, but in this case rather naive and a little more than annoying. Take my situation, where for two weeks now I haven't been able to post to forums for about 8 hours a day due to error messages Glenn believes are a hitch in the system. Believe me, I'm trying to do my part, as I always have, but I CAN'T because of a PN technical problem preventing me from doing so. Now, in fairness, Glenn seems concerned and tells me he's working hard to fix it and I believe him. But, still, it may be time for you to recognize that quite a bit of this is way beyond our control. STOP BLAMING THE VICTIMS!
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  16. Norman 202

    Norman 202 i am the light

    i think this needs to be considered a turning point. when people can't make a post or login (see other threads) then we have fundamental issues that need to addressed ASAP.

    Fix the logins, fix the timeout nonsense as a priority.
  17. Norman 202

    Norman 202 i am the light

    just in case you are wondering,i mean this. some complaints about pn performance are valid but this is crucial to our community
  18. I also see no way to unsubscribe. I think its just a matter of letting it run out and deletion of images. Unless I see real changes, I too will be phasing out of PN as my subscription expires. Sad to fee the death of a good thing from people who tried to make 'improvements' that ultimately flopped.

  19. DITTO Administration please advise how to do this...there is no option on ACCOUNT.
  20. Norman 202

    Norman 202 i am the light

    1 yr from today and u r freaked out. r u on drugs?

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