How do I submit a photo to Canon?

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  1. Does anyone know how to submit a photo to Canon USA for their consideration in using in their ads or something?

    Few of my friends have suggested that I should submit my landing page image
    to Canon and I have no clue. Googling did not help much.

    Would appreciate any help.

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    I had a photo picked by them a couple of years ago. They wanted to use it for their website to launch (I think) the 40D. They wanted all rights for 3 years for Europe and the Middle East. $500 was the offer.
    I phoned an established stock shooter and asked how much they would pay for that usage through an agency and he ball-parked it at $15,000. So I told them 'no-go' on the $500, how about they give me a 5D instead? 'No chance' was the reply. I didn't do it.
  4. John and Ian, Thanks to both of you for your help.

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