How Do I Re Format My Photos.

Discussion in ' Site Help' started by ed_everaers, Oct 29, 2008.

  1. I,m not a computer wiz,and I would like some help re formating my photos so I can upload them.
  2. Do you want to put them in Photo Net Gallery or post in this forum?

    Also need to know what photoeditiing program you are using.

    In general, go the tha last photoshop file, flatten the image, crop, resize to required dimensions, sharpen, change color to sRGB, save as a JPEG, with a different identification from the original camera JPEG so you do not loose that image or the photoshop image.

    You end up with at least three, original, edited file, final size. Call the final one image xxx 4x6 100ppi.JPEG
    so you know the size and resolution before opening it.
  3. Photoshop will do it, and particularly with the latest versions, do it *best*, ie: retain sharpness on the the downsized version. BTW, do this on *copies*.

    Also, do you have an image viewer program, something like ACDSee or Irfanview. Both of these, and most other similar viewers, can do image downsizing. They're quick and intuitive, and can do batch resizing. They're almost a necessity for viewing and organizing anyways, I'd look into getting one. ACDSee costs, around $50~100, Irfanview is free.

    My preference is an older version of ACDsee, which actually is *better* in some aspects, and runs faster.
  4. How do I delete a photo from a post that I posted?
  5. You can delete photos only from your own portfolio section. Photos posted to the discussion forums, attached to comments on articles, etc., can only be deleted by a moderator.

    To delete a photo from your own portfolio, go to that photo. Just under the photo you should see a choice of four tabs labeled "Critiques", "Details", etc. Click on the tab labeled "Photo Admin". This will reveal several options, including one to delete the photo.

    Or you may delete an entire folder using a similar approach, via the tab labeled "Admin" on each folder view page.
  6. If you are using Mac OS X select your photos from your library or album. From the share menu choose export. From the
    format pop-up menu you can select JPG. You then have the choice of exporting full size images or smaller. Selecting full
    size images exports photos the same size as the original taken by your camera or you can select specific dimensions in
    pixels. I export to my desktop to use. If you have a software program that came with your camera, that may guide you on
    your PC; if that's what you use. Judi

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