How do I put various files in the order I want?

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  1. I have about 300 image from an event that were taken with four different cameras and I would like to put the images in the order they were taken. However the clocks on the cameras were not working correctly and therefore I can't just sort the files using the 'Date when created' field.
    Is there a software that will allow me to show all the thumbnails then click and drag the various files where I want them so that I can then rename them from 1 onwards so they are named in the order I want them? I am using PS Elements but it doesn't seem to work.
  2. Which software came with your camera? I know with Digital Photo Pro from Canon you would be able to create new files, drag and drop photos into them and then, using batch processing and the "save as" facility you could renumber the photos as required. Has your camera software got anything similar? It might be worth exploring it. I think you should be able to do something similar in picasa as well.
  3. ACDSee will do that: drag-and-drop the files to the order you want. Then: select them all ( A), run the batch rename function (F2), which will allow you to set a prefix, number of digits in numerical suffix, and start number. The template for renaming would look something like "my_pictures-###".
  4. You could try this. In my mind it is the quickest way.
    Look at all thumbnails in the folder where every photo is
    Visually pick out the first photo taken.
    Right click on it and select properties from the menu that appears.
    Then add the mumber 1 to the name at the beginning. If it was _DSC9079 add a one to make it 1_DSC9079 Then do 2_DSC9050 then 3 etc. and close the properties window by clicking OK
    If you forget what number you are on and make 2 or more number 5's for example it will be ok as they have the unique name of the original name in addition to the 5 you added. Also you can fit the ones you overlook the first go round by just deliberately make multiple numbers to get the overlooked one in order.
    Periodically close the folder and reopen to reshuffle the order to correspond to the number you give it.
    3 clicks and one typing of a number per photo and you get them in order.
  5. @Tony: I used Canons 20Ds and 50Ds so I will try the software that came with those
    @Mendel: I will certainly take a look at the software you mentioned
    @Jon: the renaming system is what I was already doing but it's so time consuming I was after that would allow me to drag & drop in the desired order.
    Thanks to you all for the suggestions. I will let you know how I get on!
  6. ACDSee is shareware, around $80~100? There is also a freeware program: CKRename, which might also allow custom order, but is not a viewer program as such.

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