How do I open the lens on a Synchro-Compur-P Shutter?

Discussion in 'Accessories' started by william_foulk, Feb 14, 2003.

  1. I recently bought a Schneider Super Amagalon 90mm lens (Ebay) with a
    Sychro-Compur-P shutter. After a couple of hours of trying, I still
    can't figure out how to open the lens for viewing and focusing
    puposes. I had it open once, I thought by sliding the aperature
    control device, but apparently that isn't it. Help! Thank you.
  2. If this a non press type shutter there should be a little slider on the right side of the barrel as you face it.This opens the shutter.A press shutter has to be set to B or T,and you need to open the shutter with a cable release.
  3. The aperture control is completly separate from the shutter mechanism, as they support two different functions. I think that you may have to put the shutter ring on T or B first, if it does not have a special open shutter setting.

  4. Drawing form smaller Compurs; the shutter can't be cocked before trying to select B/T and can't be cocked while on B/T. Simply select one and release the shutter. The blades won't click open, rather will slide as a response to bable movement.
  5. Your Super Angulon may be fitted with either a Compur size 00 or size 0 which is bigger and easier to use.

    If you have a Compur #00 (the smallest size) there is only a 'B' setting so you will need a release cable with a lock to get it to stay open.

    The older Compur #0 uses the little round jigger just next to the speed setting mark. Cock the shutter and then push this button back then fire the shutter. It will stay open until the jiger is pushed forward again. Alternatively use the locking cable release.

    Newer Compurs and Copal shutters have a slider which works in a more civilised manner.
  6. 1. Select any shutter speed
    2. cock the shutter
    3. Push the round tab located at the 1:00 o-clock (relative to the cocking lever tab) position to the rear and hold it there while releasing the shutter.
    The shutter will open and remain open
    To close shutter after previewing, pull the round tab forward.
    Shutter will now function normally again.

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