How do I make an external VF stay in the hotshoe ??

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  1. While I absolutely love my M3, it requires an external VF for any wide angle shooting. So, I got a CV metal finder for use with my
    fabulous Color Skopar 28/3.5. Wonderful finder, indeed. But this finder - and the VIOOH that I also have - keeps falling off :-( Maybe
    the springs beneath the shoe have "faded" in the 57 years since its manufacture ??

    So: What do you guys do to create a tighter fit in the hotshoe ?? I would prefer a "reversible" solution, so welding is not an option :)

  2. Shim it with a strip of masking tape on the bottom of the VF.
  3. I've used a small shim before made with whatever I had at hand, but it's not a long term solution. Usually works until you take the finder off. I'm not sure it's a good solution anyways as I only do it on my lil Ricoh GRD and am afraid the extra pressure will end up making it looser in the long run, but its better than the thing dropping off every 30 seconds.
  4. two layers of double sided tape with a piece of cardboard sandwiched between.
    a tiny square of velcro taped to the hotshoe.
    either of these could add some pressure to the finder and hold it in place.
  5. SCL


    A folded piece of aluminum foil shiukd orivude a temporary solution.
  6. The chrome 'U' shaped pressure bar is pushed up by an arch spring.
    First of all, remove the 4 screws and confirm that it's still there. All three items plus the four screws are loose at this point.
    I've seen where the pressure bar has been limited in order to shorten the travel height thus reducing the friction.
    (If this is the case, put it back to normal)
    If all that doesn't help, you can easily modify the pressure bar for more penetration. This should hold any device you slide into the accessory shoe. I think this simple invisible remedy keeps the M3 looking cleaner and more functional.
  7. One trick I've used is to lightly coat the shoe of the finder with clear nail polish.
  8. Elastic behind the external VF crossed over in the front and keept in place under the lens.
  9. Apart from the solution of modifying the pressure bar, the simple remedy if you are less handyman is to cut out little pieces of paper to the size of the hotshoe footprint or area. When sliding in the VF, place on or two such pieces on the back top edge of the hot shoe. The shims and the VF should move together into place without too much effort but with a better hold than before.
  10. Only the pressure bar solution makes sense if you're going to be changing finders. Otherwise paper is fine. I used that for 17 years with a SBLOO on an M3.
  11. Threaten. . .
  12. Soeren, if you hunt about a little you should come across the elegant solution that Glenn devised. Or ask him directly.
  13. My ears were burning, did someone mention my name? This link should tell all, if you're handy it's not too difficult to make a safety catch.
    Link -->
    Just got back from India yesterday and my 21mm finder never came off the camera, felt it was safer there rather than bouncing around in the camera bag.

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