How do I get Photoshop to open after my scan?

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by spanky, May 16, 2008.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    Whenever I scan a photo and click edit to size it, Arcsoft Photo Studio
    automatically opens up and my scanned image appears on the screen ready for
    me to go to work on it. I recently picked up Photoshop and would now like for it to
    open up when I click edit and not the Arcsoft program. Sorry if I sound extremely
    computer illiterate but in fact I am. How can I get this to occur? Thanks for replies.


  2. try opening photoshop first, and scanning from the import feature (on Windows it's File: Import: and then your scanner should, or might be listed there. )
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    There are a couple of things that could be affecting this. Check your scan program settings; there may be a setting for the default editor. If there is, see if you can change it to Photoshop. Another possibility to try is to change the way your operating system (Windows?) opens files. Using Windows Explorer, right click on the image file (tif, jpg, etc) so that the menu box opens. There is an item called "Open with...", click on that and the click on "Choose Program". Photoshop should be listed as a choice and make sure that you click on the little box that says "Always Use this Program". Regards.
  4. What are you using to scan the photo?
  5. As Doug says 'open PS first' go to File - Import and this should produce a list of twain devices including your scanner. Open the scanner and you should be able to get your images to go staight to PS.
  6. I suggest not using the TWAIN driver at all and scanning as a stand along operation, saving as a TIF. Then you can open the TIF file in Photoshop for editing. You can even set your preferences for TIF files to open automatically in Photoshop.

    The biggest advantages are that you can be scanning one file while you are simultaneously working on another in Photoshop. And by saving all your scans as TIF files while saving your edited files as PSD files, you will always have the original scan file to go back to in case of file corruption or realizing you saved the PSD file after downsizing it for a JPG or other operator error.
  7. Thanks for the replies. I forgot to mention that this is a PC I'm using and the scanner is a Canon some sort or other. It came with the computer. I'll try some of the methods suggested.
  8. On the PC, open Windows Explorer.

    Go to Tools, then open Folder Options in that menu.

    In Folder Options, click on File Types. Find the type of file you wish to have Photoshop always open, then edit it so that photoshop.exe is named as the file.

    You should look at the type of file you're talking about here; look at its extension, which is the three letters after the period in the file name. That's the "file type" indicator for Windows.

    If you can't see the extension, then go again to Folder Options, click on "View", and unclick "Hide extensions for known file types", and then you'll be able to see your full file names, including extensions, in Windows Explorer.

    To be safe, you can use the "browse" function to locate the photoshop executable file.

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