How do I find active AF points on 300d pics?

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by jenny_mckee, Feb 17, 2005.

  1. There's only one thing more frustrating than getting AF wrong - not
    knowing why it went wrong. I have heard that Canon embeds active AF
    point and subject distance info in EXIF makernotes and that PS Raw
    plugin throws this away (I think there was a thread on this).

    Anyway, is there any software that will show me which points were
    active? Ideally the software should graphically superimpose points
    over the image, but a textual dump of point numbers will also be OK.
    I need it so bad that I will even use the lousy Canon software if
    that's my only option (Camera Window? Zoom Browser? File Viewer?
    Some other junk?).

    I shoot RAW but the question probably applies to both RAW and out of
    camera JPGs.

    Thanks a lot.
  2. Canon's RAW software (called File Viewer Utility on the desktop icon) that was included with my Digital Rebel and 10D, does have a feature that allows you to super-impose the focus point(s) and see which one was used. It's within the toolbar just above the various RAW settings. If the RAW conversion software itself wasn't so bad it would be a good tool, but I stopped using it as soon as I bought Capture One, which does NOT have that option, but is a much more user-friendly RAW converter.
  3. Sure, use the software that came with the camera. It shows where the active AF point was at the time of exsposure, nice red square&dot just like the cameras AF point.
  4. Thanks Greg and Stephen. It works.

    But I still hate that piece of software and wish it was available in something like IrfanView. Also hope that PS starts copying makernotes to JPGs.
  5. Hi, I`ve been using Breezebrowser and it shows the active af points, and is heaps better than the canon s/w. You may try a trial see if it suits your needs.

    good luck

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