How do I find a model?

Discussion in 'Portraits and Fashion' started by fred_monsone, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. Hello there, I need a female model for a studio shoot at college next week (farnborough tech in Hampshire, UK) but the friend I usually ask cannot make it. Does anyone know of good websites or other resources where I can look? I know there are many in the US but I am after one that will let me look ideally by geography to find someone local. Also, I am not allowed to pay the model so a resource used by amateurs or models working under TFP would be great. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi Federica,
    You would be better of with sites like Purestorm and mayhem where you might get a lot of models willing to do TFCD. you can also try gumtree.. i have had quiet success with gumtree. goodluck.
    it simple an good one. Good community. I use it a lot.
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    People who are in the public eye will often model. Check the local coffee shops...
  5. At a college, there should be plenty of people willing to model in exchange for prints (TFP) or a CD (TFCD). Check with the art department and get a recommendation on an artist model. Check the campus billboards for local bands and singers--they always need new images. Craig's list or UK equivalent is your friend. Do you have any friends with small children? Trade babysitting for modeling. Remember, a model can be anyone, she doesn't have to be "a model"--i.e. someone who could grace a Vogue cover. Check with others in the photography department--they model for you next week, you model for them at a later date.
  6. Something that happened a lot for me in college was I got other photography students to model for me. Just a thought.

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