How do I delete my photos in bulk? I am trying to close my account.

Discussion in ' Site Help' started by dsugars, Jul 22, 2017.

  1. First it is not apparent how to delete multiple photos simultaneously since the site changed. When I delete galleries and photos individually they keep coming back. I have been a paid subscriber for over 10 years and cannot deal with the site since it was so poorly redone.
  2. Norman 202

    Norman 202 i am the light

    admin (pg in particular), in the past, have deleted accounts including all posts and gallery photos despite the nonsense spouted about maintaining continuity in threads. the accounts belonged to people who persistently criticised management…just sayin'
  3. I have done the same thing, and so far they are not back. They seem to be happier where they are now..
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  4. I never found a multiple photo delete function in the new site. The function we had for this on the old site worked very well. In V2 I removed over 200 images one at a time. 3 kept returning. I think they were POTD images and it could be that they aren't easily removed. I removed the galleries first, then individual images, but it sounds like you've done the same. Are any of your images POTD or POTW?
  5. Laura...I have also removed all my photos. And, 2 of them were POTD so I know it is possible to remove ALL of them. It as been awhile but I think I removed them individually. PN V2 just doesn't work for me. So sad!
  6. Laura: Like Bill, I also removed all my photos; one at a time and it took part of two days. I have two images that were POW winners that won't go away so I just made them private so that they don't show. A sad affair all the way around when I see everyone giving up (like me) and leaving.

    I guess it's some sort of macabre hope that things will recover that makes me check this "Help" thread; but mostly it's just gallows humor since I don't see any recovery possible or probable.... Mike
  7. I am unable to delete any of my Images!
  8. Bill, good to know that it can work! I've tried to remove them each multiple times. I 'm content that the 3 refuse to leave. Maybe they just want to hold the spot and wait for their buddies to return.

    Mike, private folder is an option I hadn't thought of. Like you, I keep hoping that it will all get worked out, but it is dark hope at best.

    Robert.......yikes, jeez, sorry. Control of our images is not too much to ask. I hope it works out for you.
  9. I have tried to delete all of my images on several occasions. Each time the system tells me that they are gone, yet when I return they are still here. Perhaps I've yet to hit one of those rare moments when the site is functioning.
  10. And I'm unable to upload an image. There's probably a connection, here...

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