how do i adjust rangefinder on super speed graphic

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by harry_zet, Mar 8, 2005.

  1. does anyone know? i have adjusted the infinity on my super speed
    graphic, but the rangefinder is off horizontal and vertical. how do i
    adjust it?
  2. and now i have removed the rangefinder cam to check it and i cant mount it back as intended.HELP!!!
  3. Go to Do not pass Go, do not collect $200.
  4. checked - nothing
  5. is very ok, look around and if you find nothing post your question there, these dudes are very helpfull . Its for sure the best place for graflex questions.
  6. hi harry,
    am happy to hopefully be able to give back something in return for the good advice you
    recently gave me for lintech III!

    have a look at:

    am checking a second source and will let you know in case i find it!


  7. harry, here's another one, but not exactly the one i had in mind!

    am i at all right that your camera uses this kalart rangefinder???
  8. this is the one!



    hope this is what you're looking for!?
  9. hi doug

    nice to hear from you again - alas, this link does not work for me - the super speed graphic rangefinder is totally different from the kalart.
  10. and could there be a solution in this, harry?
    illustrated. From a c. 1963 original. Exploded views, repair and service information. ?
    $15.00 at

    i will stop for now. shouldn't i, harry? ;-)

    best regards
  12. It cannot be adjusted. It is designed to be removed in toto and replaced if necessary. DISASTER!
  13. Harry,

    Pack it all in a box and send it to S.K. Grimes

    They charge about $100 and will do it correctly

  14. I have a Super Speed Graphic and have taken the cam out before and put it back in. Have you resolved your problem yet? If not, I will be happy to take a digital picture of how it is installed and mail it to you.
  15. anne that would be great
  16. I realize this is an old thread, but it comes up on a search for how to adjust the rangefinder on a super graphic, so I'll go ahead and add this link for anyone who lands here: or Super Speed Graphic Service instructions.pdf

    My rangefinder doesn't give coincident images. If I read this correctly, it sounds like you have to get into the rangefinder from underneath. I am hoping the top cover can be removed and access the adjustment screw from above. If not, this adjustment may be beyond my arthritic fingers....Anyone have experience with this since the last post?

    At this time, my Super Graphic has a rollfilm holder attached directly to the camera, but the focusing back, ground glass, and focusing hood are all missing. Anyone have one to sell or know of one available? Until I come up with the ground glass, I can't really check and adjust the infinity stops and check the rest of the focus....(If you have one, please shoot me a messsage directly...thanks)
  17. A piece of glass cut to fit and covered with some Scotch tape (on the lens side) should
    allow you to easily check focus ( handier with a small loupe or magnifying glass ) . Peter

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