How Do I Achieve This Look?

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    Hi, everyone!!
    I'm assuming this author of the photo took the picture w/ her camera phone b/c I've found most of her photos on Instagram. She's an online retailer and uses these cell phone photos as stock photos on her jewelry website. I'm impressed with the lighting in the pictures.
    She probably used one of the Instragram App filters before posting the photo, but I really want to know: how did she achieve this lighting? The light appears to be natural, and it's coming from "the north", from the top of the photo... but it's also coming from the bottom... not as strong though.
    Is it possible render this kind of lighting with an app filter (not necessarily on Instagram)?
    Or do you think she uses a reflector, "south" of the image (holding it in front of her so that the sunlight in front of her bounces off and lights the side of the jewelry closest to her)? (Please excuse my lack of photography terms).
    I would very much like to learn her technique so I can use the same for photos on my eCommerce website.
    Any help appreciated. Thanks! :)
  2. That could be as simple as window light, and (given the size of the objects and the scene) something as simple as a piece of white letter-sized paper bouncing some of that light back into the shot to fill in the shadows a bit. The good news is that's free to experiment, when you're shooting digitally.
  3. If I may take a crack at it, I believe this photo was taken mid-after noon due to the color. natural light, but not a window that faces the setting sun. the light coming from the south-west of the photo i would say would be the window in the room facing the setting sun. but the table is closer to the sun apposing window..

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