How can I take B&W pictures with a Canon Rebel EOS 400D?

Discussion in 'Black and White' started by asiel_al_aas, Sep 30, 2007.

  1. Im new to the whole slr cameras and my canon rebel 400D is my firts slr and was
    wondering how can i take pictures in b&w without photoshop or any software
  2. 1. Strip out the digital sensor and related electronics

    2. Figure out a way to install a film transport mechanism

    3.load B&W film and shoot


    Ask this question on the correct [digital] forum.

    SORRY--I couldn't resist:)

    Actually, the only way I can think of to make B & W prints with your digital SLR without any software would be to take your card to a mini lab that makes prints on C41 paper from digital files and ask them to use one of the C41 B&W papers designed for use with chromogenic B&W film. You'd be better off getting some kind of imaging software. AFAIK Graphic Converter is still available as shareware, but to find out more you really should ask on a digital forum/
  3. oh my.. sorry about that i feel utterly stupid now i guess ill go and post this question on this digital forum you speak of, thanks.
  4. Don't feel stupid--it was a common beginner problem.FWIW, I think my solution (involving a mini-lab--NOT removing the sensor] would work fairly well.
  5. There should be some discs in the packing box: dig them out and get Digital Photo Professional (DPP) installed. While you're in there, dig out the manual. Any of the words and concepts in the following are outlined in the manual.

    Try shooting a few frames in the camera's raw format, *perhaps* with Picture Style "Monochrome", at least for starters. Get them on your computer, and access them via DPP. If you shot in Monochrome picture style DPP will recognize this and default to showing the image in black and white. If you didn't shoot in picture style Monochrome, no problem: you can still revise the setting. Either way, all the color info is there, and can be seen by changing Picture Style. While in the Monochrome picture style mode, give the filters a try. Red, for example, will give you very dark and dramatic skys.
  6. There is a B&W mode in the 400D where the grey scale conversion is already done inside the camera software.
    However I can strongly advise you to buy an extra EOS 300V SLR to get a real B&W print. A CCD can never replace the characteristics of a real B&W film. :)
  7. I once read an article by the late Monte Zucker in Shutterbug where he discusses taking a color image and separating it into its RGB or red, green, blue channels. If you have the Canon Photostudio software with your 400D you could try that.
  8. Or you could save yourself the head ache and aggrevation of engaging in a doomed pursuit, and buy one of the countless, dirt cheap, high quality film cameras and actually get good results:) Then we could all hang out in this forum and be friends, instead of you having to leave so soon...
  9. Shoot normally. Upload to Shutterfly or any other on-line printing service. Select B&W on your options for how to have the image printed.
  10. Creating B&W from a digital camera requires software. PERIOD.

    That software can be in-camera (which the 400D has), packaged with the camera (yes, again), or software provided by the online printing service.

    Think of software as the equivalent of the darkroom.

    If you're talking about creating B&W without spending additional money, then use the in-camera B&W mode or the packaged software.

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