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  1. Helloooo! It's me again! What's the biggest enlargenment you've
    made from a 20D file? Say 200 speed, properley exposed, etc... I've
    printed the occasional 11x14, but I had someone ask me how big I
    could go for a family portrait. Thanks!

  2. I have had very good results printing 16x20 with my 20D and Epson 4000. I might go larger if I had a bigger printer, but I haven't sent anything out for larger prints, so I don't know.
  3. Using an uprez method of image size> set the file size you want in inches + about 20%; set the ppi/dpi to 360 and use bicubic sharper> hit enter. that is the way I am doing it and I have printed a 20x30 that I was pleased with.
  4. here is the way it looks in reality...
  5. a wedding photog friend of mine showed me a stunning 16x20 the other day - or maybe it was a 16x24? Not sure. It was lovely. I would have no problems showing it to anyone. remember that viewing distance increases w/ large prints.

  6. I've gone 30" on both the 20D and 300D.

    Since 30" prints are a little more expensive from the lab, try enlarging to 30", then crop out a portion for an 8x10 print.

    Dare I also offer: test this with a few different enlargement and sharpenting processes. Five 8x10s is gonna run ya what, ten bucks? Hang them on your wall above your sofa, like it was a real 30" print, and admire!
  7. trw



    Why "bicubic sharper" and not "bicubic smoother"? Wouldn't the smoother be more flattering?
  8. Bicubic sharper is per Scott Kelbys reco on uprezing for large prints. I found it to work quite well, try it AND print to check it out :).
  9. Wow!! I can't believe that's 800 speed! Actually since Jammey Church posted a couple of times about using the higher ISO's I've been playing with them a bit and they turn out better than expected. Thanks for the advice. I think I'll tell my friend 20x30.

  10. I've made a 20x24 equivalents from my Olympus E-1 5mg images at 400 ISO. It's possible. Also consider appropriate viewing distance. You would not view that size with your nose on the print! (^U^)
  11. Also, I would run a home test first. You can do this if you have an inkjet printer. Calculate about how many 8x10's will fit in a 20x30" (a bit less than 8-8x10's) and crop to that size, make an 8x10" of the cropped portion, and get back and look at it. This is not perfect but will give you an idea.

    I also think good digital labs are capable of making such prints from your 20D images with the equipment they use.

    Give us a report, Ok?
  12. it's really all about viewing distance. The correct viewing distance for a photograph should be twice the diagonal of the print, atleast that's what the manuals say. Most posters are printed at what? 130 lpi if it's high quality, and no one takes a second look. But show another photographer a 20x30 in print and he'll go over it with a magnifying glass.
  13. Ha ha!!! Stephen that is sooo true! I will give a report Todd. the shoot is next week. are you guys getting a lot of calls for family pictures over Thanksgiving? I got two just yesterday. All the family will be in town I guess.
  14. Here is a trick that I have learned to enlarge my photos past 30".

    I keep my dpi at 250-300 whatever your lab reccomends for printing. Than the only thing I change, and this is important, I increase the % size 110%. This trick is to add gradually. And you will see that your enlargements soon become large enough past 30", for me personally I don't do anything past 30" but I can understand if someone asks.

    Try it you will be impressed, to make my life easier I have made an action to increase my image size by 110% each time. Please remember to change the % only not the size itself.

    Good luck
  15. Thanks Greg!
  16. That's called "Step Interpolation" Greg. Fred Miranda offers an inexpensive PS plug-in that
    does it in steps, but includes a more complex formula which includes other tweaks as it takes
    each step up. You set the size, hit okay, and it does it all in seconds.
  17. With D100 and D70 I've had no problem having 24x36 printed. I have a super online lab I use: they do prints from 11x14 up to 40x60.

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