How are Ilford 4x5 100 sheet boxes packaged?

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  1. I love shooting TXP and TMX in 4x5, but since the prices have gotten so high, it will be much more economical to get Ilford in the 100
    sheet boxes. Kodak packages their film in 25 sheet pouches. Does Ilford do the same? Since I don't go through a lot of 4x5, I will
    normally freeze my film and pull the pouches out of the box as needed.
  2. I have had 100 sheet and 25 sheet packages. The newest film was 25 sheets.
  3. Kodak film is packed under low relative humidity conditions in laminated vapor-seal envelopes. I keep mine in the freezer compartment of our main refrigerator-freezer at around 0 degrees F. If one has a dedicated freezer, even lower temperatures are good. Some have posted that theirs are set for -15 degrees F.
    Ilford film is packed in folded-over, but not sealed, black plastic envelopes containing 25 sheets. Each 100-sheet boxes includes four such envelopes.
    Note that, after cutting open a Kodak inner envelope, or when storing Ilford sheet products, one should not place the film in a freezer. Instead, the box is best put in a zipper-locking plastic bag (with as much air squeezed out as possible) and stored in the refrigerator compartment of a frost-free refrigerator-freezer.
    I'm just finishing a 100-sheet box of Delta 100 with expiration date May 2010 that's been refrigerated since purchase in 2008. The only change I can see over that five year period is a slight increase in base+fog, which was 0.07 when new and is 0.10 now. Developed in a Jobo using XTOL 1+3, I'm still able to expose at EI 200 and maintain 0.1 above base+fog for Zone I. Even freezing probably wouldn't have diminished the fog buildup, since it mostly results from background cosmic radiation anyway.
  4. Ok, thanks. So basically, it's packaged the same way as their b/w paper?
  5. Yes, except the film has a wrap-around cardboard stiffener (compared to Kodak's two separate cardboard stiffener sheets) in the bag. Ilford paper does not have the stiffener.

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