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Discussion in 'Black and White' started by tim o'brien, Feb 26, 2004.

  1. I aam browsing along at 12:20PM, going through the forums I like,
    when all of a sudden @ 12:30 the forum index changes. Now I have to
    read down through a ton of crap to find what was just on my
    fingertips. Doesn't anyone THINK before they make arbitrary changes?

    tim in san jose
  2. And now at 12:35 it changes back. Something funny's going on.

    Sorry Lex, delete this thread.

  3. 't'weren't me, Tim. I don't even have the capability to make some minor changes that I'd like to see done. Musta been one a those software thingies when the administrator runs his whatsis.
  4. Lex, I LOVE it when you talk technical.
  5. I is a compooter engineer and I understood what he said. We always use highly technical terms like 'thingies' and 'what the hell is that?' and 'fubar' in our field. It's just 'ten nanosecond obvious to me'.

  6. Did you know that in 10 nanoseconds light travels about 110 inches?
  7. obvious.

    tim in san jose
  8. Yeh, but, if you're driving a car at the speed of light and it gets dark so you turn on the headlights... does anything happen?
  9. Uhh, in 10 nanoseconds light moves exactly 3.00 meters (118.8 inches), not 110 inches.
  10. Grace Hopper (one of the pioneers of computin’), used to hand out “nanoseconds” when she gave talks. They were pieces of wire 11.8 inches long.

    I like to use a flashlight to demonstrate the speed of light (and just how big space is) when I give astronomy talks. I ask the audience to picture the beam reaching the Moon in about a second, eight minutes to the Sun, to the outer planets in a few hours, and YEARS to the stars. Space is well named.

    And, to bring this back to the topic (sort of), we have a saying in the computin’ biz: “If you cannot compute, you must reboot”.
  11. What's the speed of light got to do with it? Here we talk in clockcycles, eg. "on this machine we've got 700 cycles of time before the dl" or "this'll take about 13 cycles"... ;)
  12. In regards to my earlier post, the speed of light is only relevant as a demonstration of how short a nanosecond is. Light can get to the Moon (235,000 miles) in about 1.25 seconds, yet travels less than one foot in a nanosecond.

    Slightly further down this trail, one of the constraints that chip designers struggle with is propagation delay; how long it takes a signal to get from one point to another. This becomes more important as clock speeds get higher and higher. At a certain point, the speed at which electrons move (less than that of light) becomes a significant factor in how fast you can do things.
  13. This must be one of the most informative posts I've read on B&W film processing. It's sure got me thinking...especially about Lex's speed of light car with the headlights turned on.

    My suggestion is to set up a special rig. Put one of the kids on a 20 foot pole with a flashlight in each hand. That way, you'll always be able to see at least 20 feet ahead. It might not hurt to keep a second kid in the back seat. You know, the old photographer's rule of thumb: Always keep a back up in case something goes wrong with the original. Oh... and don't forget an extra set of batteries!
  14. I'd like to take credit for that one but I ain't that clever. It's from an old Steven Wright standup routine. He probably borrowed it from someone else too.
  15. >"on this machine we've got 700 cycles of time before the dl" >or "this'll take about 13 cycles"... ;)

    Must be pretty Schwinn-dy around your place.}:^)>

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