Houston TX equipment rental?

Discussion in 'Wedding and Event' started by neal_thatcher, Apr 16, 2007.

  1. I am shooting a wedding in Houston this summer and trying to avoid lugging all
    my gear. Does anyone know of any good rental stores in the Houston area that
    carry Canon gear? Links would be helpful as I have been hitting dead ends
    with the search engines. Thanks!
  2. Light Tec : http://www.lighttec.com/houston/rental.html
  3. Thanks! Seems a little steep for the outdated digital camera bodies. Looks like I may just have to lug or send gear. Any other options you know of in the area?
  4. I think Houston Photo Imaging rents some equipement. Not sure of selection though.

    Other than that, Light Tec is pretty much it.
  5. HPI does indeed rent some limited digital equipment now. http://www.houstonphotoimaging.com/ Their list of prices and equipment is under Services->Digital Camera Rental. Also, http://www.texcam.com/ has lighting, gels, diffusion, C-stands and whatnot. More geared to video but can be a useful resource. Lighttec is pretty much the pro rental house in Houston and their web page is out of date. Just be sure to check over the gear before leaving the store.
  6. Thanks everyone. Looks like HPI might be the ticket but I will check if LightTec might have some more updated equipment than what is one their website.
  7. Lightec actually has more than what they list on their outdated site. Give them a call and ask for what you need. They have it most the time if you call early.
  8. LightTec definitely has lots of new equipment not on their site - their prices are different than the Web site also - higher, generally. But it's a great place to rent - I was happy with it.
    He has a new Canon 5d now.

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