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  1. I love the two light fixtures (big lamps?) and the contrast between the translucent light from them and the darkness of the BG. I'm mystified by the other objects, perhaps two very unusual chairs with a small table between. They seem to float in the image. The composition and aspect ratio seem perfect to me, except, if possible, I might have moved the two chair things so that they balance each other. That's small thing. I can also imagine this image with them pulled all the way out of the image, but I think, as is, there's a mystery added by leaving them in. Well done.
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  2. Interesting photo, composition, and sense of abstraction. Kudos. Nice hints of surrounding space, which I have to work at, as opposed to graphic black throughout the background.

    A few things that stand out to me. The "umbrella" at bottom of the lower left group is whiter than the rest, which have a warmer (reddish) tint. The lighting is almost statically even throughout the fixtures. There's a sliver of glow in the upper left corner of the photo.
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  3. William Michael

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    I do like when Photographers either look up or down when photographing building interiors. This Image grabs me, I too comment - Bravo!

    It is a good interpretation/depiction of modern furniture as used in an hotel lobby. Using a creative application of the existing geometric forms of those pieces of furniture - my point being those geometric forms are uniquely apparent from the aerial view that you adopted.

    I like the Framing which (seemingly purposefully) includes the corner of another table (top left) and what appears to be a wall (bottom right) - doing that adds a sense of 'ongoingness' to the 'pattern'.

    For my Viewer's Eye, it is off putting that it is not monochrome: I think it would have better impact, if it were.

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  4. This is very abstract looking although it's basically a somewhat ordinary scene. I originally thought this was shot from the floor looking up but see upon clicking to enlarge that it's shot from above looking down. Good eye, solid capture. I might have cropped the shot to get that small bit of whatever it is at top left out, but that's not a deal killer IMO, just minor distraction. I too like that the dark area isn't totally blacked out. There's plenty of detail in there. The 2 chairs and small round table take it to other places, deepening the surreality of the scene. There's a lot more color in the shot than first meets the eye as well. All kinds of surprises in this.

    Really compelling photo, shot from a different perspective, def not your ordinary tourist pic.
    Nice energy in it. Well done.
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  5. I do like it. Well-seen.
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  6. Thank you for all the feedback. There are some excellent suggestions. I'm going to go back and make another pass at this in post processing.
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  7. I LOVE IT just the way it is! BEAUTIFUL work!
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