Horizon 202 vs. 202s

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by harvey_edelstein|1, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. I am looking for info from owners of these cameras. First is the new drive
    system on the 202s working well and in a reliable manner? Are the images sharp
    or is the lens and film platen not up to giving excellent images. Last, since
    the images are less wide than similar cameras from other manufacturers, are you
    happy with the panoramics or if you could buy something else what would you buy?
  2. I have a very recent Horizon 202. The lens transport in the 202s is supposed to be quieter
    and smoother. The 202 lens transport is quite loud and the sharpness is a little better
    than fair compared to the other wide angles I routinely use ( Mamiya TLR 65mm, and 20
    and 24 mm Nikkors). There is also a thin vertical strip at the far right side of the negative
    that is out of focus - very easy to crop but annoying. Gripes aside I do enjoy using it and
    the images are unique enough to make it worth the $200+ I paid for it. If I had a less
    limited budget I'd hunt down a Widelux F8, Noblex 135, Hasselblad X-Pan, or ?.
  3. Harvey,

    They are fun cameras but if you know you like the format you would be best served by
    getting a Widelux
  4. John is the Widelux 6 and 7 that much different? I heard that they were virtuly the same mechanically as borne out by taking them apart.
  5. I have a Widelux FV and love it. But it had banding when I bought it.

    Contacted Bob Watkins in Illinois, a guru on these things. He said that the F8 biggest difference is that the transmission gears are helically cut, and have more teeth, to prevent banding from uneven movement of the lens turret.

    F8 gears can be retro-fitted into an older Widelux, so that's what I had him do. Not a cheap operation, but I've been happy ever since.

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