Hong Kong Airport Nikon D3x or D3s in 3 and 1/2 hours

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  1. No Nikon D3x or D3s bodies available in the US, other than the gray market imports.
    Any option to purchase either of these bodies at Hong Kong HKG airport while on a 3 h 30 min layover?
    Price, tax, etc. is not a factor as long as I get a brand new item warranted by Nikon.
    Many thanks!
  2. Well .. HKG stuff won't have a warranty in the USA unless the USA works different to my country.
    If it is not grey, USA may repair for a fee provided the above is correct.
    I bought a JP Nikon but had to send it back to JP.
    Not sure on shops now but I used to but at Man Shing and Wing Shing in Mongkok , HK.
    I am not sure if you can make it for 3hr anyway. Don't you need time to clear immigration et al ... ? 1hr travel time to Mongkok at a guess from the airport ..... or 2hr return. You might want to google them up and call them if they have in stock.
  3. They sell cameras in the airport tho not sure about such high end bodies. Either way, if they don't have it...they'll get one for you if you are willing to pay, I'm sure. However, I would just take the MTR/bus/cab and goto Mong Kok and get it myself. 3.5 hours is enough if you don't browse too much...HK is tiny.
  4. Thanks for the comments!
    Ideally, I am looking for an option within the airport.
    If I have to go to Mong Kok, what store(s) should I aim for? It will be around 19-21 h (7-9 pm)?
    Any way to arrange with a reputable store to deliver the body to the airport?
  5. Fortress website lists D3s and D3x.
    There are Fortress stores in Terminal 1 and 2 at HKG.
    How reliable is this store, how likely that they have on the terminal the body or that they would get one for me if I pay (maybe in advance)?
  6. Call and ask them. They are a big chain so they should be a okay. But I would check warranty clause as suggested by Ray. I bought a couple sony last year in HK and they transfer the warranty to the US but had to adjust it in the computer. Worst come to worst, you have ship it to HK to wave fees, if indeed something goes wrong.
    I vaguely remember that lenses and bodies are different when it comes to warranty status purchased in HK.
  7. "No Nikon D3x or D3s bodies available in the US, other than the gray market imports." Amazon currently has the D3S available from twp sellers.
  8. Times have changed and we live in a global economy. Price of brand name goods is more or less the same all over he world (varies only depending on VAT/GST). You will certainly not find any great deals or gray market stuff at the HKIA. All shops at the airport are strictly licensed and controlled and we wouldn't want anything tarnishing the HK reputation for fair trade, now would we? On the plus side, most if not all come with the same or similar warranty as goods purchased anywhere else in the world. This is one positive effect of globalisation. Which means that price-wise it will also be very similar. In fact, just browsing the web, it looks like there are better deals to be had in New York or the US generally speaking. Plus, the US consumer protection and warranty rules makes it a much "safer" purchase.
    If you want to find any kind of discounted models you would have to go downtown, Mong Kok is probably the best place as people here have mentioned, but I doubt that 3.5 hours will be enough time. Also beware of scam artists all along Nathan road, which is not technically Mong Kok, but just a word of caution. They play on the time-restricted tourist, luring you in to the shop with great sticker prices, then saying "So sorry Sir, no stock, but we will find it for you" start "calling" around wasting your time, then they bring out what you want or more often something similar at sometimes higher than normal retail price and say that this is what is available, take it or leave it. The tourist is watching the clock tick and finally gives in says stuff it and buys whatever they present in front of him/her. Not technically illegal, but a scam nevertheless.
    The short of the long is therfore: HK is not the shopping heaven it once used to be. This also holds true for all other Asian big cities, Singapore, Shanghai, Beijing etc. (PRC prices are in fact generally higher for brand name goods). Tokyo is in a league of its own, but to Tokyo's advantage I would mention the 2nd hand market, not for price but quality as items are absolutely mint generally speaking, sometimes in the original packaging and wrapping exactly like it came out of the factory (anyone who knows the Japanese tradition and obsession with gift wrappings and packaging knows what I mean).
    Good luck at any rate!
  9. Zt, one of the two Amazon sellers lists the D3S as "Brand new, factory fresh. Full Nikon USA warranty. Authorized Nikon dealer.". The other is not indicated - you would have to contact them for details. KEH also has one listed on Amazon as Used, Like new. They are very reliable, offer a 2 month warranty and will also take any item back no questions asked if you are not happy with it.
  10. I wouldn't want to purchase such an expensive camera without warranty. Just place an order at your local camera store (one which sells a lot of Nikon stuff) and you should have yours after a bit (2-4 weeks if it's similar to the situation in Finland). Normally when you buy something specialized it is standard to have to wait for a few weeks if not months.
  11. I believe that any new Nikon product carries a worldwide warranty, but requires shipping to Nikon HQ in Japan for service. In order to have the camera repaired by Nikon USA (or Europe, or whatever), it needs to be bought in that market.
    So you might need to pony up extra for for shipping and insurance and wait longer, but you should technically be warrantied.
  12. That's not correct; Nikon digital cameras and scanners have regional warranties only. Lenses have worldwide warranties. But local legislation may override what Nikon promises.
  13. My cameras have been bought in Japan and they carry a WORLD WIDE WARRANTY. That is what the paper says. I dont
    know if Nikon USA would honor such a warranty but If they din't i woul consider that a scam.
  14. This has been hashed over before. If you are a tourist or on a business travel trip, Nikon USA will honor the warranty on a Nikon product sold by a Nikon dealer anywhere in the world...just be prepared to provide a receipt (and maybe a copy of your airline ticket?) to prove the item was not imported to the USA by a dealer selling non-Nikon USA merchandise.
    Your other option is hire a lawyer and take Nikon USA to court. One could only wonder what the outcome would be....? (For example: think the American consumer would put up with: "A Toyota automobile warranty is void if bought from any place but a Toyota dealership. No work (or parts available) to be done on a second-hand automobile or truck not sold through a Toyota dealership as a second-owner vehicle. Ha!)
  15. thanks!

    pls let's stick w the orig question and not discuss price, deals, etc. told that is not a factor and i am not looking for deals.

    i need a new d3s or x ftom an auth. nikon dealer w nikon warranty.

    did my homework on us websites but at the end those are gray products or not authorized dealers.

    so question remain of getting one in hk airport or finding one in the us. need it for a trip to have it as a 3rd body for a
    dedicated use.

    any suggestion would be appreciated.
  16. Phone Fortress, the dealer in HK, they have a phone number on their web site.
  17. "did my homework on us websites but at the end those are gray products or not authorized dealers."
    I'm not sure what you mean by that. There a quite a few Authorized Nikon Dealers in the US.
  18. Do yourself a favor: skip the possibility of wasting 3.5 hrs in HK to look for a high end camera as there is a high chance that either you will get scammed or will not have enough time to browse (I tried to do that while in the HK airport in the very same circumstance as the one you describe, yet I gave up after considering all the time needed to sort immigration out).
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    When you buy something so expensive, IMO you are much better off getting it from a domentic dealer you are familiar with, or at least one with a good reputation. Moreover, when the camera store knows that most likely you won't be a return customer and in fact you won't be in town for long to go after them should something goes wrong, they have all the incentives not to provide you the best service.
    In other words, drive through (fly through?) serivce is fine if you are buying a hamburger and drinks. Buying top-of-the-line Nikon DSLRs is a different story.
  20. guys, you missing the point.

    i am happy to paypal 10 dollars whoever points me first to a usa store that is an auth nikon usa dealer and has the d3s or
    d3x in stock w nikon usa warranty and ready to ship monday w o/n delivery.

    my only other option is hkg which i am calling at 0900 local.

    amazon, google shopping, etc. often does not reflect actual availability, warranty, or auth dealership -- i called several of
    those already.

  21. it


    I am working in HK these days.
    If arrivals immigration isn't extremely busy that is more than enough time to clear customs and go to Mongkok or TST to pick one up at Wing Shing or Tin Cheung. As long as you have your connecting boarding pass, no problem.
  22. Thank you Ian.
    You would suggest Wing Shing or Tin Cheung as reliable stores? Again, relaibility is more important than saving some money on the purchase. If I am correct, Wing Shing has multiple location, any specific one should I go?
  23. FWIW Last year, I took the city air bus (A21, I believe) and not the MTR (faster) and I did the round trip to Mongkok in four hours but I shopped around for prices, bought parting souvenirs gifts and had a quick lunch. The actual bus ride one way is around 40 mins or so...Left luggage is on level 3, I think.
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    Wing Shing and Tin Cheung are reliable stores. Wing Shing and Man Shing are sister stores not far from each other and actually share a web site. I know them quite well as I watched Wing Shing open their first store around 1973/1974 or so. Back then, I was a kid growing up in that area watching the Nikon F2 and lenses .... :)
    I know modern public transportation in Hong Kong is excellent, but rushing from the airport to Wing Shing to buy a camera and back to the airport in 3.5 hours is a bit risky.
    I have tested both the D3X and D3S for photo.net but own neither one myself. In the last 3, 4 years, I managed to take a lot of pictures around the world without using either camera. Those are fine cameras but I can't imagine that they are such a must have.
    P.S. In case you still want to do this, Nikon Hong Kong has a list of authorized dealers. Check the "Where to Buy" tab on their site: http://www.nikon.com.hk/en_HK
    Wing Shing and Man Shing are in the Mong Kok area on the Kowloon Peninsula. They and Tin Cheung are all on the list.
  25. Thanks.
    I have UW housings that do not fit anything else than the D3 series.
  26. it


    I would taxi, not transit it.
    Tin Cheung has a nice new store on Hanoi St. Bit further than Mongkok, but they are better to deal with IMO. Wing Shing might have slightly better prices, but I don't really like that place even though I have spent a lot of money there.
  27. Samys Camera
    Both the D3 and D3s in stock
    Authorized Dealer per the 2010 list. The current 2011 PDF stops after 7 pages. It is not complete. I doubt there are no real dealers past the letter L.
  28. Thanks re Samys, will call them in the morning.
  29. To complete your purchase within 3.5 hours, it will be stressful even if every condition will be perfect. The "perfect conditions" will include:
    • No issues at immigration - i.e., the lines are not long.
    • No issues finding and riding the airport shuttle to the airport terminal and getting off at the right station.
    • No issues grabbing a taxi outside of the terminal, as the driver knows exactly what you want - note that he may not be allowed to stop in front of the store. And you may need to pay him in HK currency. Also, I think there is a surcharge if the taxi from Victoria ("HK" - where the terminal is) needs to cross the ocean to go to the Kowloon side, and vice versa. Also, there is a possibility that the driver from "HK" may not be too familiar with the streets and traffic in Kowloon. I had experienced that even when I was going to a "HK" address in "HK". The driver was bewildered by the one-way lanes and could not get to the address I wanted, even after several tries.
    • No issues finding the store, explaining what you want, the store is not busy, and they have what you want. No issue paying with your credit card.
    • No issues on getting back to the airport, stepping through the above in reverse, and going through security in time for boarding your flight.
    • Good luck!
    A better solution perhaps: Why not call and pay in advance and have someone deliver the cameras to the airport?
  30. Nikon USA will honor the warranty on a Nikon product sold by a Nikon dealer anywhere in the world...just be prepared to provide a receipt (and maybe a copy of your airline ticket?) to prove the item was not imported to the USA by a dealer selling non-Nikon USA merchandise.
    Jerry, could you provide a source for this information. (I know I have E-mail correspondence with Nikon USA to verify that for lenses this is true but none regarding bodies.)
    This is correct for items with worldwide warranty (such as Nikon lenses) since Nikon USA is mentioned among the list of companies to whom to send it for warranty repair. But digital cameras have a regional warranty only. As I said national legislation may override Nikon's own promises but you may have to take it to court and I'm not at all sure that USA has legislation to protect the consumer in such cases. What you may have to do is send it to the country of purchase of Japan which could be really expensive. Do check this with Nikon USA and see what they say about it.
  31. samy's pasadena has it but the store itself would not ship out.
    now calling samy's mail order if they would ship out today w/ o/n delivery.
  32. poster who suggested samy's -- let me know how i can paypal USD 10.
  33. ShunCheung

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  34. No need, Z T... If they have what you want, I'm glad I could help.
  35. happy to do the $ 10 as long as i have an e-mail address. it was a great help, camera is on its way.
  36. Which one did you end up getting ?
  37. I just returned from Hong Kong and found camera prices to be comparable to, and even more expensive than here in the States -- went for used equipment too!
  38. There are only two electrical shop in Airport, Fortress and Leica and most likely they will sell the goods with official list price only.
    I will rather suggest you go to Maritime Square located at Tsing Yi Station. It is only one stop from HK Airport Express Line which is only about 10 mins. journey from Airport. There are many reputable chain stores like Broadway, Chun Yuen, Citicall, Fortress, have branches here. I believe they can offer better discount rate than that in the Airport. All of them should accept credit cards payment, like Visa and Mastercard. You can search the web about their branch telephone, call them before you leave US and ask them for the stock availability. I am not sure the current street price of D3s and D3x but I believe D3s should cost you around HK$36K-37K. Also, you can get some cheap gift together with the purchase, like screen protector sticker, tripod, camera bag or even a CF card.
    You can check check the mall directory here.
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