Honeywell Repronar (mod. 400)

Discussion in 'Accessories' started by vick_vickery, May 11, 2005.

  1. I have an old Repronar copy setup that is missing the
    exposure/magnafication scale on the left side of the upright column.
    Does anyone else have one of these that they could
    scan/photograph/otherwise duplicate and e-mail/fax/send to me along
    with its overall length measurement so that I can make a
    replacement? Thanks!
  2. Google is your friend

    second result for Repronar -

    the last three pages of this has what you want
  3. Thanks, Hugh, I found that yesterday and printed it out, but it doesn't really give a flat dead-on image of the whole scale that I can enlarge to full size and glue onto a replacement pannel. I thought that if I could find someone with one I might be able to obtain a straight-on full view of it. Your reply is much appreciated, though! :)
  4. Vick, I've sent you a private e-mail with this information, but here it is for all to see. Mike

    Here is what I measured on mine:
    From The Bottom:
    4 > 10.8mm
    3 > 14.8mm
    2 > 23.0mm
    1 > 46.4mm
    3/4 > 65.5mm
    1/2 > 100.0mm
    1 (range) 105.3 to 109.6
    3/4 (range) 111.2 to 113.0
    1/2 and 2 (range) 128.7 to 137.9
    From The Top
    3 (range) 119.4 to 107.7
    4 (range) 83.6 to 59.6
    The "Camera Aperture" side is (cutout) is 57.0mm long and 9.3mm wide. It's bottom is 52.9mm from the bottom of the unit. The lines on the sliding piece are about 7.9mm apart (47.2mm for six).
    Arrow Markers on the side of the Aperture scale as measured from the bottom are:
    1/2 > 51.9mm
    3/4 > 43.8mm
    1 > 36.0mm
    2 > 20.3mm
    3 > 12.3mm
    4 > 4.6mm
    The Film Value scale goes from a low of three to a high of 20.
    At a film value of '4' the '2 >' lines up with the half stop below F4, at a film value of 20, the '2 >' lines up with the half stop between F11 and F16.
  5. I took a Repronar apart to make it into a digital copy device. I think I still have the piece you
    want, which I can send you for the price of shipping.

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