Homemade Honeycomb Attachment for Shoe Flash

Discussion in 'Lighting Equipment' started by gerard, Jun 5, 2005.

  1. I posted this as an answer to a question below but I though it could be of general interest (and easier to search).
    I haven't seen a commercial honeycomb attachment for a hotshoe flash. That's why I did one myself.

    The recipe is quite easy: just get a box of black straws, cut enough in small pieces (2-5 cm depending on the wide/narrow beam you want) and glue them together.
    Make a cardboard mold arround the flash, fix it (glue/tape) and then remove the flash before starting gluing the straw pieces.
    I finished mine off with a 5cm thick elastic band around that's only half glued to the cardboard, sothat the other half works as flexible attachment to the flash.

    Have fun,
    Gerard. Gerard.
  2. Here is the homemade honeycomb
  3. Ingenious - but not too sure what it would be used for when used on camera. It could however be very useful when used off the camera, for example for backlighting.
  4. Garry,<br>
    I agree with you. On camera it has no function. But when the flash is used off camera, you can use the honeycomb to create some spot effect or -as you mention- as directional backlight to avoid flare (like I tried to show in the example above)<br><br>
    Just one tool more give the desired shape and quality to the light.<br><br>
    -regards, Gerard.
  5. nice work, well done!
  6. Gerard,

    Thanks for sharing your creation-great idea. I like it a lot. Thanks again.
  7. As Paris would say, "That's Hot!" Seriously bro, great job with that. Well executed, I
    absolutly love it. Ha ha NICE!
  8. mab


    Wow, that's another one for the "I wish I had thought of that!" category.
    Thanks for posting it.
  9. Nice!

    I once taped a toilet-paper tube onto a VIvitar 283's filter adapter, to make a snoot (now
    LumiQuest makes a snoot for shoemount flashes).

    Brandon's Dad
  10. bravo!

    those honeycomb gridspots cost a bunch. thx for the 411 on the DIY.
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