Home made lens, 4x5 on a bicycle: Ride Slow, Take Photos

Discussion in 'Extreme, Retro, Instant and More' started by movingfinger, Mar 4, 2021.

  1. Here's a guy who makes his own lenses for an old 4x5, who cuts out the fixed aperture, and then who sets out on a bicycle for some travel photography. The entire video is long, and it is short on details of his photographic constructions. It is just over an hour and the majority is the bicycle trip from San Francisco to Tucson AZ, with stops for photographs. That said, in the opening segment you can see his camera gear and his lens construction and at about 59minutes you can see his darkroom processing and some final prints from the trip. The final prints are very good! I personally like the video because it combines two things I very much enjoy, good photography and bicycle tourism. In any case here is the link for the video: Ride Slow, Take Photos.

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