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  1. This is a longshot but I'm looking to rent a two bed property with a pool in the south of France and thought it would do no harm to ask
    here. I've got a project on the go photographing circulade villages and would like to add to my "collection". I'd love to hear from anyone
    who can help or who knows someone with a villa to rent.

  2. We used to own a house in Theule sur Mer overlooking the Bay of Cannes. Our former neighbor is still renting out his villa. It has more than two bedrooms though and it might be completely rentet out already for this season but it might be worth a shot.
    Just google "Villa Magdalena, Theoule-sur-Mer"

    There are many, many other villas for rent. Hopefully you have a big enough budget because none of them are cheap:)
  3. Thanks Juergen. Sadly, having been out of work for a couple of years, my budget is vanishingly small. I used to go
    through the normal holiday rental channels but they are very expensive and I thought I'd cast the net wider to see if I
    could find something a little more affordable. I'll follow up your suggestion, though.
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    Obviously location matters in France. Last year my father rented first a place near Langon (Barie) and later a farm place near Tarbes. Both had pools, but they had booked well in advance (6 months I think) and the places were quite affordable because they were a little further west than one generally thinks of when renting in 'the South of France'. Since I didn't book the accommodations I can't speak to the specifics of how they were booked. Both areas were lovely, if not a bit on the isolated side (really needed a car to get around).

    That said, I really think all they did was pick an area, contact renter agencies in the area via email. My Dad and his wife speak fluent French, but I really don't think it is absolutely necessary.
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    Of course if your main objective is photography, you could stretch your budget much further by going out of season and losing the pool. In combination that might well reduce the cost by 75% and there are lots of other advantages in being in the south of France when the traffic isn't jammed every day, parking your car is a mission, and the restaurants packed.
  6. As an independent solo traveler, I like to stay at B&Bs. In addition to saving money, I get to know a local personally, who can also provide some insider tips. And if I should return, I can get trustworthy info from them. "What's the foliage like this year? Is it peaking?"
    This (not so) new kid on the block works for me, several times in the US. Their search engine is terrific with budget, location, size etc. filtering. Their review and ranking system is similar to eBay's. A renter can communicate directly with a property owner, without going through a broker. Awhile back when a customer complained about a rental, they took responsibility and came up with a guarantee. IOW, they stand heads and shoulders above their (traditional) competitors. If they should ever go public, I would invest in them.
    Disclaimer: Aside from being a satisfied customer, I have no association with them.
    BTW, love your photos. Happy trails. Hope you can report your trip (or this service).

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