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  1. Has anybody tried the Type 85 with the Holgaroid? Just wondered if
    anybody had any samples or experiences to share. I want to place an
    order in the next day or two. Thanks!
  2. I used it but I think I peeled the prints open too soon. I didn't read the directions and peeled the prints after 30 seconds which left me with murky prints.
  3. I would recommend it. I've done a few shots with Type 85 in my pinhole camera, and the few properly exposed positives I got were very nice. This film is sharp, and the tones in the positives are wonderful. I haven't tried printing any of the negatives yet.

    I uploaded one sample of a p/n pair at the end of this other thread: http://www.photo.net/bboard/q-and-a-fetch-msg?msg_id=00C5iT

    Not an ideal presentation from the flatbed scanner, but it works. The burned out sky in the print contains tons of delicate detail in the negative.

    Make sure to read the PDF from Polaroid about using this film. You can't make a good positive and a good negative at the same time, the prints need to be coated (if you're keeping them), and the film needs to be cleared in a sodium sulfite solution.

    Have fun!
  4. I have a pack but haven't used yet because the negative needs to be cleaned in
    sodium sulfite within 3 minutes after the peel-off. That means I have to shoot close
    to somewhere I can process.

    I am going to give it a try after lunch and probably post the result later.
  5. For Type 85 on the road: Carry ziploc baggies and a small bottle (200mL would probably go a long way) of solution in your bag. When you pull out the shot, let the print develop, strip it off, and drop the neg in the baggie. Pour a little solution in, zip it closed, and swish around. Toss it when finished. Less than ideal, but it's the only option if you want to (a) use Type 85 while out-and-about, and (b) preserve the negative.

  6. I finished 6 shots of 85 and now I am waiting for the negative and the coated positive
    are to dry. Will post the result in an hour. ( Don't want to contaminate my scanner ;-)

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