Holga + Polariod 85: 6 Negatives

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  1. Under Michael D'Avignon's persistent questioning, I finally gave Polariod 85 a try. Here are the negatives scanned on Epson 4990.
  2. Have no idea what I was typing. I mean "ICE only works on C41 film" ;-)
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  7. Sam, those look really good. I assume they're all scans from negatives? If so, did you try to expose any for a good positive? It'd be nice to see examples of both.
  8. All positives are a little bit under exposed (about half EV) because I used 120S instead of 120 and the film is ISO 80. But they are within the limit of photoshop correction. Practically, for my use, shooting Polariod 85 has no advantage because the time I spend on processing and drying is longer than that I spend on minilab C41 processing XP2. And due to the dust issue, neither positive nor negative of Polariod 85 is near the quality of XP2 in scanning. And XP2 is much much cheapter than Polariod 85. Regular Holgas are more portable and easy to use than Holgroid. So XP2 will remain my main B&W film for Holga. Holgaroid is just an experiment.
  9. Cool images! Thanks for the info! I've been having a blast with the Holgaroid. Placing an order for more film today. Happy image making!
  10. Pinholgaroid, exposure > 30 minutes
  11. Negative
  12. Another computer ;-)
  13. Negative (2)

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