Holga HL-N

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  1. Wondering if anyone tried the Holga HL-N on a film SLR. So far I have seen people using it on DSLRs so am wondering how it will turn out on a film SLR.
    Pretty keen to get it to use on my film SLR as I would love to have a camera producing Holga like pictures but with some added control on the exposure.
  2. I have the Diana lens with a Nikon mount. It's not going to be quite the same as on a Holga, because you are shooting 35mm instead of 120, so you are getting the center of the lens. No vignetting, and it is not as wide as on the holga -- think "cropped sensor." Nevertheless, I had fun with it.
  3. Nevertheless, I had fun with it.​
    cool! i think that is a good enough reason just to get the lens!

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