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  1. Hey i just got a Holga 120N and i know that its light leaks are seen as a cool effect however i'd like them to not effect my photos. Where are they? I know the seam on the backing is one but ive heard that there are a couple holes inside the actual camera.
  2. http://www.holgamods.com/mods/order/tips/tips.html
    Read Light Leaks 1 & 2. I taped those holes, and I tape around the seams on the back cover. I also keep a black piece of tape over the film window.
    If you ever try 35 mm film in there, be sure you use a true light block over the red window. I tape a piece of black carboard over the window along with a layer black tape. I found that the black tape alone over the window still yielded a red square in the center of the frame.
    That said, I still have a reflection on one of my Holgas from somewhere in the camera (I think it might be the shutter spring). I am still tracking that down, but sometimes if works in my favor.
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    A while back i was thinking about possibly getting a Holga, but since never purchased one before or knew anyone that did and never even seen one up-close i decided to forget about it for a while till i learned more and maybe get one years later. But all i see are reports like these where people are always talking about soo many problems with the camera and how they have to do so many things to get to to work right. Why do people like this camera so much and are willing to go through all this Jerry rigging and duck taping to use one, rather than get a classic 120 folder or Bakelite cam that would work better and cost the same or less?
  4. I literally just shot a roll with my holga of my wife outside on the street and had more fun in 10 minutes than I have in total the past 6 months with my D300. and I have taken alot of pics of her too with the Nikon. I can guarantee the first time you click the shutter button you will smile. Last night I was flipping through my vacation album from last summer. I brought a Holga and a Yashica. Ended up using the Holga most of the time as we were hiking. The pics are great. Way more soul than what I came home with from amsterdam last month with my DSLR.
    To the OP..... I bought a new holga about a year ago and I don't think it has any light leaks. The flare is bad, which could maybe be confused for light leaks. But i've read that new Holgas do not have many of the typical problems that older ones did. Basically they fixed a lot of the things that people were fixing anyway. Try a roll and see what you think before you bother doing anything to it.
  5. To the OP: I just taped the 'seams' on my holga to. No light leaks to speak of. I didn't even tape over the red window in the back... YMMV.
    To dan Mar: One persons "problem" is another persons "opportunity". In a way, the Holga reminds me of how basic a camera can be. A (somewhat) light tight box, with a hole on the front to let light in when you choose to and film inside to capture light. That's it. One speed, one aperture. What's not to like for under $30? $30.05 if you count the black electrical tape used to tape the back? Sometimes the jerry rigging is fun.
    To each their own :)
  6. Most modern 120N's don't seem to have any leaks. However I do tape the counter window "just in case"! :)

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