Holga 120N: Subway

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  1. As I mentioned in another thread that I am going to buy a new Holga 120N today for $20 from B&H just for the sake of bulb shutter. Here are the only four shots I took in the subway back home. I estimated the exposure by the time I could hold my breath, it could be over a minute or so. They were all shot with free hand, no support. (The subway car was not moving though.) It turned out to be at least 2EV over exposed. These images are photoshop corrected. There is still a lot of space of improvement on my Holga skill ;-)
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  4. i usually find subway photos uninteresting but i really do like these. the price for this Holga is kinda steep though. probably any 120 box with a bulb setting would be a cheaper route.
  5. f_p


    Great photos.

    I generally am bored by subway photos...but you seem to be
    quite a taleted gent...I actually sign on to photo.net looking for
    your posts now.
  6. Nice work. Twenty bucks for a new camera doesn't seem that bad to me, especially considering that the same amount of money will only get you uptown and back five times these days. Of course, it's nice to have a bit of talent and initiative too.
  7. I'll second that ... there's nothing quite like talent matched by initiative.
  8. #4 is my favorite. Great work, as usual, from you.
  9. I agree with Kirk. Shot #4 is great.

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