Holga 120N: From B&H to the subway

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  1. Unfortunately, the film was damaged by "mysterious radiation". Happened before with other Holgas and Kinaflex. Could be something wrong with Al's machine. The film is fresh NPL bought at B&H, the other roll XP2, processed at the same time, has no problem at all. All shot with bulb.
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  5. All these shots cannot be made with 120S or Pinhole Holga, so you can see the value
    of 120N ;-)

    Because I had to concentrate on holding the camera, I didn't look at the watch when I
    took those shots, the exposure is even more challenging. I am still learning.

    In the future, you will see more Holga 120N photos shot at difficult light condition
    once I master the exposure.
  6. Why change anything when you can now have "avant-garde" images to display?
  7. Why not? ;-)
  8. S. Liu,

    What a strange pattern on the film... I don't think I've ever encountered anything /that/ strange with a Holga before. :)
  9. S. LIU , jun 22, 2005; 11:08 p.m.

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