Hobbiest’s first foray into double exposure

Discussion in 'Seeking Critique' started by mark_brigham, Aug 13, 2021.

  1. I uploaded 4 pics to the general gallery this morning. These were all shot at a local music event last weekend. I got inspired to try my hand at double exposures, never having dabbled in that technique before. All were shot with a Canon 6D; most with a 135mm F2 lens with 1.4x extender. Some were a blend of a 24-105mm capture layered on a 189mm (135 x 1.4) capture. I picked four of my faves to upload to this site, and I’ll upload one of them on this thread. Interested in feedback on all of them. What works; what doesn’t; what I could do with technique to make a more compelling photo. This is my first upload to photo.net.

  2. Sorry to say but she looks like she's got a runny nose.

    I would try again without the flowers on her face. The flowers in her hair, and the one above her head look great. The concept of that double exposure certainly works IMO, but it needs tidying up in post processing.
  3. You caught her singing at a good moment! Seems a good situation for a double exposure like this to work. In addition to what kmac suggested, I notice how nice the shape of the top of the white guitar is but there’s not quite enough of it to have much presence and effect. The microphone, too, feels a bit clipped off, so at first it’s a little intrusive until I realize what it is.
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  4. Not a fan, as @kmac said, it looks like she’s got purple snot running out of her nose.
  5. Has possibilities, but what looks like a dark ribbon starting in front of her left eye going up to her forehead, going around, and coming down on the right side of her nose doesn't help. As for the snot JC's talking about, it does look like it's coming down from her nose and dripping off her teeth
  6. I don't see how the double exposure really adds anything to the image. And yes it looks like she has a very runny nose.

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