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  1. About 50 years ago, I used to by cheap film from Freestyle, which I believe is Aero film. It actually said "Panatomic-X Aero" on the can, and was ASA 40 instead of 32.
    But I used it in Diafine, and it always worked well. It was about $5 for a 100 foot roll. I don't remember that it had a date on it.
  2. "Back in the day" short dated film stock would often be sold at a comfortable discount and expired film would be a fraction of the price of fresh.
    Current short dated discounts are hardly worth pursuing and among some film users "expired" seems to be a positive attribute worth a premium.
  3. I did some "comparison shopping at Freestyle" in an August 1971 issue of Popular Photography. Past date 100' roll of Plus-X (ASA 125) went for $4.95. For the same money you could get fresh Ansco Versapan (also ASA 125). Aero Plus-X (ASA 80) sold for $3.95 for 100' as well as Aero Panatomic-X (ASA 40). Also for same money one could buy Eastman 4X (ASA 500) which I believe was motion picture stock. Not sure about the Tri-X offering that was sold as ASA 320 in a 100' roll at $3.95.
    For comparison, vendors in same year typically sold fresh Plus-X for just under $7.00 per factory packed 100' roll. I'm not sure where my dad bought bulk film before we opened the camera shop in 1974. He bought a Burke & James bulk loader in the late 50's and I still have it today. Back then loaders were advertised at allowing one to take pictures for "a cent a shot".
  4. Oh, yes, $3.95. That is the one I used to buy. And I believe shipping included.
    But plus tax, as I was in California. In 1971, I was in 8th grade and used some of
    it for yearbook photography.
  5. Glen, we must be close to the same age- I was in 8th grade during the 70-71 year. During my 9th grade year I took football photos using my dad's Mamiya Sekor 1000 TL with Vivitar 85-205 f 3.8 zoom. The film, of course, was Tri-X.
  6. EG02405s.JPG

    I was 8th grade for 71-72.

    This is PE soccer, which I now find funny that I managed to bring a camera to PE class.

    A Canon VI rangefinder, usually with a 35mm lens. I am not sure about the film.
    My dad bought a Canon Pellix a few years earlier, so let me take the rangefinder
    to school. He knew by then I would be careful with it. (I still have it, and it still works.)
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