Historic Formula 1 cars at Lime Rock CT

Discussion in 'Sports' started by richard_martin|10, May 24, 2009.

  1. For the racing enthusiasts in this forum, I went to Lime Rock in CT yesterday and saw some historic Formula 1 action. This was the first time F1 cars have appeared at Lime Rock and they looked fantastic! Heres a sample of what I saw, will post a few more as I edit them.
  2. Heres another, all shot with a Canon 40D, the 2 lenses I'm using are the 70-200 F/4L and 400 F/5.6L
  3. Nice, but not 'that' historic.
    I went to the '67 Grand Prix at Watkins and shot on film, of course. I'll have to dig them out and start scanning!

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