Hints and tips for a once in a lifetime US roadtrip

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  1. Handguns are allowed in all National Park land (not buildings) if carried in a manner consistent with local state law. Long guns must be cased and unloaded. You can't hunt or shoot, except in self defense. Once you cross the Mississippi, two-legged predation is fairly rare outside major cities, and never as often as in Chicago. Nearly everyone there owns and many legally carry a firearm, which means you are far less likely to need one yourself (a process of natural selection). Bears are another thing if you cross their path. Bear spray is generally a more effective defense. If you have never fired a gun, you don't want to start with a .44 Magnum, and anything less is a waste of time.

    You drive a long way between stops, which will take most of your time. It's good to set some tentative goals for stops, but be prepared to trim the list once you see how you are progressing. If you see something photogenic, stop, but make sure you leave time to explore the parks and other places of interest. Dallas is best seen in the rear view mirror, unless you are amused by people wearing cowboy boots and Stetsons in public. It's a big city with fewer landmarks than Chicago. Call ahead for lodging! Places near parks fill up quickly, especially with tour buses, and you can drive a hundred miles or more to find an alternative. The internet is your friend.

    Before you go, or at the first opportunity (e.g., a National Park or monument), purchase an NPS Pass, which will give give your family admission to over 2000 parks and monuments. It's an annual expense, unless you are a senior citizen, which is good for a lifetime. It opens the door to places you would otherwise pass by due to admission fees, and pay for itself quickly.

    America the Beautiful - Annual Pass
  2. Apparently, Ed didn't realize that the thread is 8 years old and was revived by a spammer.
  3. I didn't notice the date. Still an interesting question. People are still traveling out west, myself included. I just avoid those states which have seceded from the Constitution, if not the country.
  4. Well, I live in California, which I assume is included in your miss list, and all I can say is . . .

    . . . Good! ✌️
  5. I'm surprised you confess so freely ;) Nothing is absolute, and the list is short and growing shorter. Even on the Left Coast there are legal work-arounds. Still "Good" with that?

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