Highlights with Prominent Ultron Unusual?

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by royall_berndt, Jul 1, 2022.

  1. I took this with a Voigtlander Prominent II mounting an Ultron f2.0 50mm. This is a resized but otherwise unaltered scan. I am impressed by how the highlights are hot without blocking up and by the vivid colors. Is this characteristic of the lens, or did I get lucky with the exposure and scan? 86610021.JPG ?
  2. Would it have been different with another lens?
  3. I only used Ultron from the clamshell Vitessa, and I do find it combine high resolution with medium contrast. I guess that combination help preserve a bit more details in the highlight?

    It is a bit like the Rigid Summicron 50/2 for M-mount. And the Ultron is one of my all time favorite lens. Not sure if the Prominent mount version has similar characteristics.
  4. Nikon lenses do lovely things in the highlights, so I imagine they would have also performed well. I had a collapsible Leica 50mm once, and it would have flared out for this shot. I had a 90mm Leica lens from 1949 that would not have flared. This Ultron was probably manufactured in the 1950s.
  5. Luck is an important photographic skill :D
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  6. 190997-R1-32A.jpg
    Bruce, have you used the Nokton 50 or the Skopar 50 on the Prominent? Jason Schneider used the declare the Skopar the best of all. I very much admire the Nokton. Here's a shot from it:
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  7. @royall_berndt Yes I have used 50/1.5 Ultron lens on the Prominent, as well as Color Skopar on other Voigtlander bodies (Bessamatic).

    • Color Skopar is probably one of the best Tessar-like formula lenses out there, and they are definitely sharp and contrasty. They do not have large aperture and typically starts at f/2.8, wide open at f/2.8 are plenty good. The look is more modern.
    • Ultron 50/1.5 is highly sorted after, primarily due to its large aperture and the bokeh wide open. But wide open, it is not that sharp and has lower contrast. It is kind of poor man's Summilux (older version), and loved for that particular vintage rendition.
    • Ultron/Septon: in my humble opinion the most balanced of the bunch. I kind of liken them to the Rigid Summicron 50/2: medium contrast and high resolution, and plenty good quality even wide open. The look is vintage leaning but quality is closer to modern optics.

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