High Jump

Discussion in 'Sports' started by ed_farmer, Apr 5, 2017.

  1. I haven't shot any track and field since wielding my Argus C3 on the high school field during the late 1970's . . .

    Question for those who have shot more recently: When shooting the high jump, do you get your best shots from the jumper's approach side? Or the opposite side?
  2. I would start from where the light is most favorable, you'll probably get more shots from the approach side

  3. I would walk around and look CAREFULLY at the site.
    Shots depend on what you are looking to shoot.
    • approach or landing side
    • left or right
    • how close or far
    • angles
    Don't just go where the other photogs are going (herd mentality).
    Look around and find the spot that will give you a different viewpoint.

    Go to the library and look at past issues of Sports Illustrated and figure out where they are shooting from.

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