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  1. I'm trying to find out more about high end wedding albums.
    Specifically, a family member has put together a collection of family
    photos and text she would like turned in to a book. She wants a bound
    custom book, not one with any kind of inserted pages. I've had a good
    graphics artist build the pages from the text and pictures. Now I
    need to know if I can have a book bound into a permanent unit. Cost
    is not a giant factor but I need it by mid-May. What's out there,
    where to look, turnaround times and so on? Thanks.

    Rick H.
  2. Do a Google search for Pro-Craft and Art Leather.
  3. ray


    You want the Montage Art Book from Art Leather. They have several options including, you send them the digital files and they print it out and bind the album or you send them the printed pages and they will bind it for you. For prices and other info, look here:


    (There are some PDFs at the bottom of the page that describe it for you).

    It takes me about 4 weeks from when I drop off the prints in FedEx to when I get it back. I haven't submitted an order since they moved their production facility to California/Mexico (from NY) so I don't know if it takes longer now or if the orders for the Art Book still go to NY.

    If you want to get it done by mid-may, you need to hustle and get that order in asap.
  4. There are several album producers who can do this type of album--besides what has already been mentioned, Classic Albums and Zookbinders, but if the pages are already output using an inkjet, I would try to find a local bookbinder to just handle the binding end because most of the other producers will take at least a month to complete, and some are not happy about binding inkjet produced pages.
  5. Art Leather has very bad reputation for customer service -they have good products but have terrible customer service from what I experienced and heard.

    I recommend Zookbinders as a mid level. White Glove is ok, I like Graphistudio and SoHo from Reneissance.

  6. Rick, contact me offline. I produce exactly what you are looking for.

  7. If your looking for something more contemporary try Jorgensen
    Hand made, book bound Australian albums available in Leather through to Tasmanian Oak and a huge range of overlays.
    I sell lots of these for weddings: www.paulmurphyphotography.co.uk
    The downside is they are pro-wholesale only and require an initial minimum orders. :-<
  8. Hi - this may be a bit late and I think one of the above posters may be an agent - these books are excellent.

  9. Hi there!

    I'm a pro wedding photographer and also found myself in your same
    predicament a few years back.

    Basically, I am not a graphic artist or photoshop pro – I am a photographer – I
    leave that end to the experts. I have used Graphistudio on a number of
    occasions simply because I couldn't find anybody else to help me – I'm a busy
    man and need work turned around quickly – time is money etc. Unfortunately,
    I think the clock ticks slower in Italy and hence I now produce my own books
    when necessary avoiding large companies.

    I simply found a couple of expert local designers who produce quality, well
    designed uncluttered pages, and then pass on their printed work to a local
    binder. All in all, It's costing about £300 (sterling) for the whole book – huge
    savings compared to other companies. Plus, I can guarantee when delivery
    will be.

    So, find yourself a high-end digital repro house, a good local binder and hey
    presto! a book that you're happy with on time, every time.

    Good luck mate – it's a very straight forward process – believe me.



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