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Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by snapshot1, Jul 27, 2006.

  1. I'm getting a new PC system at work & need a good monitor for photo editing,
    design, etc. I can spend up to $2,000.00. I'm looking for at least 21in (CRT
    currently using) & maybe widescreen (with same vert space). Suggestions?
  2. I forgot to state I am looking for an LCD monitor.
  3. You can't go wrong with an Apple Cinema Display 23". Very high quality, very adjustable and
    stable display. Check it out on the Apple website and determine whether you have the right
    video card in your PC to handle it, that's all.

    Of course, you did say "huge". There is also the Apple Cinema Display 30" ... ]'-)

  4. This ought to do it: http://hdtv.engadget.com/2006/01/09/panasonics-103-incher-up-close-and-personal/
  5. Apple 30" display.

    Or better two linked side-by-side. They are actually designed to do that. The thin frame makes it very cool.
  6. Ditto Pico. I have a 21 inch CRT with a smaller CRT next to it to put my Photoshop and scanner tools on. Its sweeeeet to have the big monitor clear to display the image without obstruction.
  7. I have a SAMSUNG SyncMaster 243T, 24 inch monitor which I can pivot for Portrait works. Google on "review SyncMaster 243T" and you will find loads of stuff.

    Today, LCDs are a better choice than CRT and I wouldn't for anything go back to my 21" CRT.
  8. jem


    For that sort of money you can get something far superior to a cinema display - check out Eizo, Quatto or the NEC lines of IPS panel based screens.
  9. Go to an Apple store if there is one close to you. Look at the 20" at $799, the 23" at $1299 and the 30" (oh yea, it's big) at $2500.
  10. Push your limit to $2400 and look for a deal on an Eizo CG 210. I'm using it now for close to
    a year (after shooting more and more digital) and see it used by some of the very high end
    capture/digital companies and Retouch studios in NY who work on international ad
    campaigns as well as national magazine titels and stories. You'll probably use it longer than
    your new computer as well.
  11. If you buy an LCD you probably want one with 10 or more bit internal LUTs and a calibration solution that will work with it via DDC/CI. If you are willing to spend $2,000 it's definitely should be first on the list of your priorities. So no Apples. Look at Eizo, Lacie and NEC.
  12. Like a few others, although I love the apple displays they have become over priced and out
    dated. So if you are looking at the Apple displays... then take a look at Dells LCD's.. many
    are the same or more advanced versions of the same panels or go the the true high end and
    go with a 10bit Eizo or Lacie (not a big fan of NEC's high end LCDs).

    I would not though make a decision until the end of the second week of August... New Apple
    displays could be announced at Apple's WWDC (Aug 7-11). There has been a little bit of
    speculation that they there will be new displays along with a new Tower to complete the intel
  13. If I win the lottery, I'm going to buy a pair of these new NEC MultiSync 2180WG-LED monitors for $6.5K a pop:


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