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    Hi I am Partha. I am a photography hobbyist who like shooting in available light. Please help me improve my shots by the way of critiques.

    Adding a sample and there are some which I have uploaded in my profile titles PPM - https://www.photo.net/701764

    Thanks and regards,

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  2. Welcome Partha...i think itโ€™s a good shot...the dark areas show body and the dark along the right side depicts the people in that area...i might add some light to that area but this is a stage with lighting and it will look dark in spots...overall a nice shot...regards....David
  3. Partha, just saw your portfolio. I think you are already great and I am sure new photographers will find inspiration from your work. Your work represents Indian culture very well. Part of the reason is your simplistic unassuming approach to composition and subject matter. There are many other photographers from India on PN, whose works are worthwhile to look at and I hope you will enjoy seeing their works and communicating with them. Welcome aboard!

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