hi, I want to make friends with all of you

Discussion in 'New User Introductions' started by zhesun, Feb 5, 2010.

  1. hi everyone, I am so glad I can introduce myself to you here. I come from China and live in Beijing now, my English is not good, maybe sometimes you could not understand what I mean. But I don't think it is obstacle between us because we all love photography. I love photography since my childhood and dreamed of to be an professional photographer, it is still my beauitiful dream. I know this forum from a chinese photo forum, as soon as i open the photo.net, i know i will love it. the people here have high level and the comment is pure-hearted and i can practice my English. I want to share my picture,my experience with you.If you want to come to China, especially Beijing, you can send Email to me(sunlyxys2@163.com), I will give you the best suggestion, if i have time,I am pleasure to be your tourist guide. At last , I make the advertisement ,welcome to my workspace and give me the comment, i appreciate that very much!
    I welcome all of you in Beijing !
  2. You probably do not want to be my friend. Who does? I pity him. I am disagreeable, contentious and obnoxious ( just ask Josh, he will vouch for this). But I love the Chinese, and am willing to help you either take pictures, or practice your English (vile language, I much prefer French, but speak it poorly).
  3. why not?In china, people say "the length of ten fingers are different", that means people could not be perfert. I am definitely sure you must have some notable excellence i should learn.
  4. Bruce, can I be your friend? I love to be pitied. JJ
    PS. Zhe, Bruce is being sarcastic, I'm not.
  5. Hey Zhe. Welcome. We are not overly friendly here but folks here help out each others more then other more friendly site. Go Figure :)
  6. No sarcasm intended!
  7. Oh!I understand what you means !
    "not friendly" is just the reason i like here
    just true comment can help me to improve
    thank you all of you
  8. Zhe, thanks for the friendship invitation. Interacting with people from other countries is one of the best things about this site. Now I can tell others i'm friends with someone from Beijing! And, don't worry about the English. Sometimes mine's not to good and I have no excuse. It's the only langauge I know!
  9. Cory, I totally agree with you! Talking to the people from different country is really intresting!I recall the slogan of the Beijing Olympic games: One world, One dream
  10. Zhe, welcome to PN .
    and don't worry about the language. I developed my Enghlish here , it is not my everyday language as well.
    Enjoy the experience .
  11. Zhe, welcome to PN .
    and don't worry about the language. I developed my Enghlish here , it is not my everyday language as well.
    Enjoy the experience .
  12. thank you Pnina
    just now, i realized the importance of the English
    i hope comunicate with you and other guys more!
  13. Zhe,
    I'll add my welcome too...and tell you that the shots in your portfolio are very nice. Keep posting new pictures (or old ones)and don't worry about your English. Since most of us Americans don't even speak another language, I certainly can't fault you for trying!
    Diane in North Carolina

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