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  1. I happened on this site because of a camera repair question someone posted last year. While I consider myself a competent amateur since the late 1960s, my real interest is fixing stuff, which I am just getting back into after many years when I used to repair 35mm and large/medium format gear for a living. I got out when digital became popular but now that there is a growing trend towards 35mm film, there is work to do.
    I have decided to restore 1970s rangefinder cameras, nothing special but I do like Olympus 35 SP/RD/RC so will probably stick with those for now. Probably better to get to know a small range really well rather than trying to be a Jack of all trades.
    I shoot mainly Micro 4/3 and like Lumix because I do a bit of video too but I can't wait to load up some B&W neg and have some fun!
    Thanks Alan
  2. Hello Alan,
    A warm welcome to the forum. I am sure you will find many kindred spirits along the classic manual camera and modern film camera forums. I am based in South Wales myself and with a varied interest in old gear! It is always good to know someone who is able to fix the odd camera or two! So I definitely look forward to talking to you rather more about all aspects of photography as well as camera repairs!
    Best wishes
  3. Welcome, Alan! I think you'll have fun here and find many others that love classic cameras.

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