Hi everybody!!! From India.

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  1. Hello everybody. I am Suvendra Chandra Dasgupta from India. I am an amateur photo enthusiast and have recently purchased a Sony A200 DSLR. I am still finding my way around in the art of taking good photographs and guess will be asking a lot of questions. Thanks in advance for all those future answers. I have posted 4 shots I have taken. Will be much obliged if I get some really critical advice regarding those. Looking forward to a fruitful time here. Thanks every body. :)
  2. Welcome to PN. For critiques of your photos, you should use the critique forum. Be patient, though, as there are thousands of photos in this forum every week and getting valuable comments is sometimes difficult.
  3. Hello India..Welcome to photo.net!
    As suggested by Robert above, your best bet to get some feedback on individual images is to use the Critique forum. You may or may not have discovered how to go about this, but if you go to the full view of your chosen image and then click on the Photo Admin tab you have a 'Request Critique' function. Be prepared for any sort of critique, good or bad...or even none, and possibly a bunch of ratings which is a sort of numerical critique.
    Another way tro garner some attention to your work is to actively participate in commenting/critiquing/rating other people images. This will eventually get your images some added attention from the thousands vying for the same. Good Luck!
    (PS. You image of the sunrise in Puri...reminded me of some holidays I had there, doing nothing but drinking beer, smokling a bit, and waiting for the fishermen to get back in the evenings to buy the freshest sea-food I have ever eaten.)
  4. Thanks Robert and Mike. I know of the Request Critique function and have already submitted four photos for critique. Now waiting for some inputs. Mike I have taken your advice and have commented on other people's images. Seen some absolutely mind-blowing shots. And Mike Puri has a beach that can always produce nostalgia. We visit as often as we can. :)
  5. I think you will find that the more you participate on the site, the more response you will get from others. This is particularly
    true in the area of the photo critiques.

    Welcome to photo.net.
  6. hi suvendra,
    i am from chinsurah, hooghly, west bengal, India, nice to meet you, i hope we will know each other in a near future,
    wish you best of luck for your future works...

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