Hey, any R9 / DMR users out there

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by vick_ko, Jan 13, 2011.

  1. I just got one.
    Been giving me grief - puzzlement - sometimes the mirror doesn't cycle properly, and so, black images.
    Kinderman says they can CLA it.
    But others have said "just exercise it, recycle the power, remove/install the motor again" etc... and the problems will go away.
    What is your experience? Is the R9/DMR super reliable, or do you get gremlins?
  2. I think the advice to exercise it will only amount to a temporary, palliative measure. Warming the camera in the afternoon sunlight (another tactic) is pretty much in the same category. The lubricants are probably too old, and have congealed. Exercising, warming, etc., might help a little, but a CLA is the real answer. Kindermann has a top reputation, especially if Gerry Smith does the work.
  3. Hi Vick
    Yes, Kindermann is absolutely tops for camera repair. They've done outstanding work on my R8 bodies and CLA on lenses.
    I don't think Kindermann can service the DMR unit itself, but don't hesitate to send the body to them. They are fast, reasonable, and best of all they are nice folks to work with.
    Gary Pinkerton

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