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Discussion in 'Street and Documentary' started by sprouty, May 29, 2008.

  1. I'm beginning to re-think this whole rangefinder concept for street work, I'm thinking that anyone of these would allow me the access to strangers I've been dreaming of.
  2. It might put the photographer ill at ease if he/she comes from a non gun culture.
  3. I like it..I think particularly using it when taking street candids of the local police...they can take a joke can't they?
  4. You can always say that it is "Karma". They would understand that.
  5. How about some accessories... like holsters? Or racks for the truck?
  6. "...holsters? Or racks for the truck?"
    Now we're getting somewhere.
  7. Finally, a way to properly glue the Second Amendment onto the First Amendment so people will stop picking on it.
  8. The guy who wants to shoot the homeless ought to invest in these...
  9. Just think, you could get some great facial expressions, and pick up some pocket change as well when people throw you their wallets and beg you not to shoot.
  10. I really like number 4, the Japanese machine gun camera. I'm looking for a Japanese Type 92 tripod for it and thinking about a stanchion mount for the bed of my pick up.

    Matt, :)
  11. Hilarious!
  12. What were they thinking when they made these babies??

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