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  1. OK........ So I have a nikon d40 and I am soon to buy an af-s Tamron 70-210mm f. 2.8, for $670-ish, new. Because it
    is a f. 2.8, i am looking to teleconvert it into a 140-420mm f. 5.6. I am looking to buy a white Tamron teleconverter for
    it, HOWEVER, I have heard that the only teleconverter that would work and AF on it would be the kenko dg af-s
    teleconverter. I really want the Tamron tc, but not at the expense of functionality, so, any thoughts? please?
  2. Nikon TCxxEII teleconverters provide autofocus with AFS lenses in which the rear element has adequate clearance, mainly long primes and professional 200 mm zooms.
  3. but how much?
  4. OH! I forgot to mention that the tc needs to be under $250 new
  5. Nate... what's so special about the Tamron TC? It seems the Kenko ones are really good. If you google you will find good
    comments about them. I have one and I can't complain about it. I also have a NiKon but it is more than twice the price.
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    Rene - is this the one you have, which has full functionality with an AF lens: Kenko Teleplus Pro 300 DG 2x
  7. Erik... Hey! Let me explain. It seems the the TELEPLUS PRO series are the favorite among PN members. Specially the 1.4x. The one I have is Kenko DG N-AFD 1.5x Teleplus MC. This is what I heard in a big store in Tokyo "The Teleplus Pro is design to be used with PRIME lenses and the DG MC type is design for ZOOM lenses" (I kinda doubt it) Also the DG- MC is half the price. As I said I like it as much as my Nikon BUT I am very easy to please. If you are interested on it it would be wise you go to a store and try it first. I can show you some samples if you want to. Let me know. Just for fun, I wanted to see if it would work, I just mounted both TC's on a 300 mm and took a shot of the moon:
  8. PS: Both types work will autofocus with both AF and AF-S lenses.

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