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  1. I have a casette of Agfa CT 18 exposed by my father-in-law some 40 or so years ago. The probability being that the
    pictures are of family significance so I want to develop them if it is at all possible. I have been advised by a
    commercial processing firm here on the Central Coast of NSW Australia that they cannot do it as their lab is set up
    for E-6 processing which runs at a temperature that would strip the emulsion from the Agfa film and that as Agfa
    Photo is no longer in business they doubted that anyone could do it.

    Hoping that what was meant was that probably nobody could do it commercially I approached a local camera club
    and have been advised that I need to find someone with a Rondinax tank, someone who knows what chemicals are
    nececessary and someone with the knowledge of the correct procedure. This could be all the same person but it
    doesn't have to be.

    Is there anyone out there who can contribute at least part of the solution? A person with the tank needs to be
    reasonably close unless they are willing to sell it.

    I will, of course, cover all costs and am prepared to pay for time if someone does the job for me.
  2. Hi John. I used to work for the USA distributor of Agfa. It is a very nice film, but it was processed with E-4 as I recall, not E-6 (which is what most silver based transparency film is developed with these days). I did a quick check on some labs that I know of, and I can't believe it, but Rocky Mountain (in the US) does E4! Check out this link. It is about $50, but here it is: Good luck!
  3. Try I am not sure if they can help with your type of film.
  4. Thankyou Michael and Patrick, I have emailed both companies.
  5. John, if you can, and for future reference, let us know how it turns out, whatever direction you take.
  6. Will do, Michael, I presume you mean how the pics turn out but if you mean all the trials and tribulations of getting them done I tried something else as well. I Googled [Australia Agfa "CT 18"] and turned up a company in Queensland Australia who can do them. Actually they don't say where they are (except Australia) but they have a page of Camera Club links which are all Qld clubs. I have emailed them as well and if their procedures are as satisfactory as one of the US ones who gave excellent detail on their website I'll probably get them done there.
  7. Hi John,
    I have a similar problem - I'm looking for formulae to home process some Ferrania Dia 28, Ferrania CR50, E4 and a
    GAF 200ASA film. All have been stored in the freezer, and I'm having a clear-out.
    I've found a company in England which specializes in processing ALL old films, but it's expensive - think £20 per roll,
    which is too expensive for the 13 rolls I've got (I've home processed colour slide before, in my youth, with home-made-
    up solutions from raw chemicals, but I can't (yet) find my old records). I've no experience of the UK company, but
    for your info they are: ProcessC22, PO Box 496, Margate, CT9 9EE, UK. Tel 0845 2244 496. I suggest you have a
    look at this:
    Good luck.
    Does anyone have recipes for solutions for Ferrania and E4???
  8. Thanks Rodney, As I said above I have located a company here in Australia. After many emailed questions and answers I have decided to use their services but have not yet mailed off the film. Their email address is: and the URL is Another USA one that seems pretty good is:

    To all future viewers: Please note that I am deactivating the alert on this thread but I will, as promised, come back in due course and say how the pictures have come out.

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